YouPrice is a hit with this mobile plan at only €5.99 per month

Are you looking for a cheap mobile plan with no time commitment? Do not panic ! YouPrice has what you need in its range of mobile phone subscriptions. The Le One formula at only €5.99 per month, which is a big hit during this holiday season, is a real bargain for saving money in 2023! We tell you about this good plan in the rest of this article

The €5.99 Le One package is a hit at YouPrice

YouPrice’s Le One formula is a hit this holiday season. This mobile offer without commitment of duration has indeed everything to please, with in particular three major strengths:

  • A special discount for one year
  • Flexibility of the data envelope
  • Choice between the Orange network and SFR

By falling for this offer YouPrice, you will benefit from a discount of €5 per month for 12 months. With this special discount, this Le One subscription will be offered to you from only €5.99 per month the first year then 9.99€. Furthermore, this fixed price without commitment of duration is valid on the Orange or SFR network in 4G or even in 5G with option. Regarding the adjustment, YouPrice applies the following three levels:

  • up to 10GB: €5.99/month for 1 year then €9.99/month
  • from 10GB to 20GB: €6.99/month for 1 year then €12.99/month
  • from 20GB to 30GB: €7.99/month for 1 year then €14.99/month

With this cheap package, you will also benefit from unlimited calls in mainland France as well as unlimited SMS and MMS. When traveling in Europe and overseas departments, you can also call and exchange SMS and MMS without counting and enjoy up to 10GB of data from these destinations.

A mini unlimited package at €3.99 per month for LIFE on the Orange network

Another good plan to grab from the operator Youprice, the Mini package valid on the Orange network. This phone subscription is only €3.99 per month for LIFE. This offer is intended for people who consume very little or no internet each month. This inexpensive package indeed includes the essentials at 100MB as well as unlimited communications (calls, SMS and MMS) in mainland France, EU and DOM .

100MB YouPrice mobile plan

The Le Santa package from YouPrice offers more internet!

If you think you need more than 30 GB per month, the operator YouPrice markets the limited series Le Santa. This mobile offer with no time commitment operating on the Orange or SFR network, adjusts from 80 to 100 GB per month in France and includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS both in Metropolitan France and from the EU and DOM. From these areas mentioned, you can also consume up to 16GB per month. As far as consumption in France is concerned, you benefit from an adjustment according to these three levels:

  • up to 80GB: €9.99/month (5G optional at €5)
  • from 80GB to 90GB: €12.99/month (5G optional at €5)
  • from 90GB to 100GB: €14.99/month (5G optional at €5)

promo YouPrice The first 80GB

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YouPrice is a hit with this mobile plan at only €5.99 per month

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