With this 80 GB package at 13 euros, RED by SFR breaks the competition

Ding dong, it’s time to change your mobile plan and make big savings. RED by SFR is selling off the prices of its mobile plans until Monday evening. It would be a shame to miss…

Tired of spending too much on your plan? Does your mobile operator inflate you? Do you want to make huge savings on this necessary and important expense item? Don’t move, you’ve come to the right place for all of this. RED by SFR draws phenomenal offers on all of its packages. Our favourite? The 80 GB package at 13 euros per month and its gigas/monstrous price ratio. To benefit from this, responsiveness will be your best ally.

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RED by SFR does not mess with 80 GB at 13 euros

RED by SFR is determined to crush the competition and knock everyone out. To do this, the operator unveils one of the best offers on the market. Its ratio gigas / price is exceptional. A word of advice: don’t miss this golden offer.

For 13 euros per month, you benefit from 80 GB of mobile data in France, of which 12 GB can be used from the European Union and the overseas departments, and unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. Don’t miss this magical offer at RED by SFR… It ends on Monday evening.

This envelope of gigas is substantial, the greatest number should be satisfied with it. Without fear of falling outyou will be able to make video calls to your loved ones, check your e-mails, stroll on social networks, watch your current series in the metro (as a reminder, season 4 of Stranger Things arrives on Friday) or listen to non-stop music…

To top it off, this RED by SFR package is without engagement, like the operator’s other packages. You have the freedom and the ability to leave RED by SFR whenever you want. Nothing is holding you back! But the operator strives to multiply the arguments to make you stay…

No jealousy at RED by SFR

Not the same budget, not the same needs, not the same priorities… We are all different and RED by SFR knows this very well. For this, the operator sacrifices the prices of all of its mobile plans. No jealousy, everyone finds their account. But like the 80 GB package at 13 euros per month, these offers are ephemeral and end on Monday evening.

If you have a serious mobile data appetite, the 120 GB package at 15 euros per month. It includes 120 GB of internet in France, of which 15 GB can be used in Europe and the overseas departments. Inevitably, calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited. With so many gigs, you won’t exceed your monthly limit even if you use connection sharing a lot or often download heavy videos. If doubt persists, the RED by SFR 200 GB package at 19 euros per month should put an end to it.

Tighter budgets or less connected people will prefer the RED by SFR 5 GB package at 5 euros per month. You benefit from 5 GB of mobile data in France, of which 6 GB can be used abroad, unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. The best of both worlds is yours: a low price and a decent gigabyte envelope.

Want to pick up speed? 5G is available at RED by SFR for only 5 additional euros per month on your mobile bill. Globetrotters will be delighted to enjoy 20 GB of internet from the EU, overseas departments, Canada and the United States for an additional 5 euros per month.

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RED by SFR, a network to match

To avoid seeing its customers leave for greener meadows, RED by SFR must take care of the quality of its network. Indeed, non-binding packages have their advantages. You are sure to enjoy a exceptional speed and network coverage.

Being sold exclusively online, you only need a few clicks to subscribe to one of the best mobile offers of the moment at RED by SFR. The customer area or the RED & Me application allow you to manage your consumption very easily.

Finally, be aware that changing operator does not necessarily mean “new phone number”. Indeed, you can keep your current number free by calling 3179 to retrieve your RIO number and communicating it to RED by SFR when you subscribe. The operator then takes care of terminating your contract no additional cost. All you have to do is take 10 euros out of your pocket for your new SIM card and you’re done.

To take advantage of the RED by SFR packages at a mini price before Monday evening, it’s right here:

See the RED by SFR packages

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With this 80 GB package at 13 euros, RED by SFR breaks the competition

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