With its mobile plan at less than €10, Free buries the competition!

Until May 17 Free offers a mobile plan for less than 10 euros. The Série Free 90 GB is only 8.99 euros per month for one year. An inexpensive offer that shakes up the competition.

This is the essential offer proposed by Free in this month of May intended to shake the competition: the Free Mobile 90 GB package is 8.99 euros per month for a year. An excellent opportunity to seize for people who would be looking for a package under the 10 euros mark offering quality service, all without commitment.

Note that beyond 12 months, the formula switches to the Free 5G package at 19.99 euros. But as this offer is not subject to any commitment, you are free to cancel whenever you want to turn to a similar or more advantageous offer.

Take advantage of the Free Mobile offer

This good Free plan therefore leaves you free, and allows you to take advantage of a large internet envelope, unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, both in France and abroad. For less than 10 euros, there is clearly no better at the moment.

Services included in the Free Mobile 90 GB package at 8.99 euros

To come to the various services included in this Free Mobile 90 GB Series at 8.99 euros, there is first of all a comfortable 90 GB internet envelope. They are to be used in Metropolitan France, and will allow you to make the most of your multimedia content on your smartphone, tablet, computer or even TV using Hotspot connection sharing in 4G+.

With so many GB, you can also easily check all your emails, browse the internet or watch your favorite movies and series from Netflix, Prime Video or Disney+. The telephony part allows you to take advantage of unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines in mainland France and the overseas departments (excluding Mayotte) but also from Europe and the overseas departments.

That’s not all since there are also unlimited SMS / MMS from France, Europe and the overseas departments. Also, for people who travel occasionally, Free has thought of them and has integrated a dedicated envelope of 8 GB of 4G internet that can be used from Europe and the overseas departments. A very comprehensive, inexpensive mobile plan that covers everyone’s needs.

Finally, you must provide 10 euros for the triple-cut SIM card, to be paid when you subscribe. The latter adapts to any mobile on the market. As a reminder, this Free Mobile 90 GB offer at 8.99 euros per month runs until May 17 and is only intended for new customers.

How do I keep my phone number?

Would you change to this Free mobile plan but hesitate because you want to keep your current phone number? This is not a problem since you can request it for free. How ? Quite simply by communicating your RIO number to your new operator, Free in this case.

As a reminder or for information, the Operator Identity Statement (RIO) is your unique telecom subscriber identifier. It is composed of 12 characters (letters or numbers). This is the number you are asked for when you change operator.

To get it you have to call 3179 from your mobile phone. All the information necessary for the portability of your number will then be communicated to you. Your end date of commitment, as well as the RIO number of your line which will also be sent to you by SMS so that you can easily transmit them to your new operator.

Bonuses included with the Free Series

With the Free Series, you benefit from other services than those previously listed. Thus, you can benefit from eSIM compatibility provided that your smartphone is compatible. The eSIM is a SIM card but dematerialized. The latter can be downloaded from the Free website. Thanks to it, you can enjoy the same services without having to insert a physical SIM card.

That’s not all since you also have the visual voicemail service included. Through the latter, you can easily access your voicemail messages with a single click directly on your phone. Without having to go through 666. Also included is the very practical double call function which allows you to manage two calls simultaneously on your smartphone.

Very practical for putting one of your correspondents on hold in order to make or receive a second call at the same time. And for football fans, Free gives you premium access to the Free Ligue 1 app which will allow you to follow the best of the Ligue 1 Uber Eats football championship from your smartphone.

A package for less than 10 euros which should meet the needs of 99% of users. If this is not the case, we invite you to consult the mobile plan offers and promotions, from the moment. You have the embarrassment of choice to find the mobile plan adapted to your budget and needs. As a reminder, the 90 GB Free Series is at 8.99 euros per month for one year until Tuesday, May 17.

To take advantage of this exceptional offer, it’s here:

Take advantage of the Free Mobile offer

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With its mobile plan at less than €10, Free buries the competition!

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