Windows 11 finally has a simple and free app to edit videos

Windows 11 now includes an application for video editing. It is simple, practical and above all free to use.

When it comes to the apps installed by default on an operating system, Windows is nowhere near as well provided as macOS. With the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft has reworked most of its applications, but there is one need that the system hasn’t fulfilled for a long time: video editing. In the era of memes and social networks, video editing has become something particularly useful.

Whether it’s editing a Twitch clip, editing a video game capture, creating content for a social network or simply creating a GIF of a funny moment from a video, an authoring tool of video is practical. Clipchamp offers to respond to all these uses free of charge.

A signposted course for a good start

It is difficult to find the rare pearl under Windows. The best video editing tools are often paid, like Adobe Premiere, or very complex to learn, like DaVinci Resolve. The Clipchamp application aims to be a modern response to this need. It is an application acquired by Microsoft which previously offered a very expensive economic model for the amateur user. This is no longer the case with a revision from Microsoft.

Windows 11 finally has a simple and free app to edit videos

Right from the home page, Clipchamp offers many options to guide the user between different types of formats to create: a clip for instagram Where Youtube, a slideshow, or more simply creating a video from scratch. It is also possible to record directly from a camera or the screen of your PC. In the latter case, you can even specifically save a PC window, which is practical for creating guides or showing the progress of a project.

Simple and practical assembly

Once in the video editing part, the interface is rather uncluttered, it is quite easy to navigate. A simple drag and drop allows us to add video, audio or simple images to our project. Clipchamp also allows you to import them directly from the phone or cloud storage services: Google Photos, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.

Windows 11 finally has a simple and free app to edit videos

You can very easily modify the appearance of a video, change the duration, cut in the frame or even add text or audio.

Windows 11 finally has a simple and free app to edit videos

Clipchamp additionally offers royalty-free content for you to use. For example, we have animated backgrounds, or even free music to use as a soundtrack. The tool even integrates the Giphy platform to simply add animated images or transparent stickers to the video.

Windows 11 finally has a simple and free app to edit videos

At the end of the editing, all that remains is to export in 480p, 720p or 1080p depending on whether you want to keep the video or rather distribute it quickly on social networks.

What are the paid options?

As we said in the introduction, Clipchamp was once an independent application with particularly expensive paid options. Under the Microsoft umbrella, this is still the case as this article is being written. Fortunately, the free version is now complete enough to be usable by individuals.

Windows 11 finally has a simple and free app to edit videos

By paying a subscription of $9 to $39 per month, Clipchamp gives you cloud storage of your files and a larger library of royalty-free content. It is also possible for professionals to create a visual identity for their brand and thus more easily use it on all their videos. One thinks for example of the logo of a YouTube channel. We still hope that Microsoft will be able to further integrate Clipchamp into all of its services.

The functions of the application would be very interesting to bring to Xbox to offer quick editing of the best game sequences. Integration with the Microsoft 365 subscription could also unlock additional functions.

In the meantime, Clipchamp’s free offer meets the needs of the general public. A tool that we warmly recommend.

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Windows 11 finally has a simple and free app to edit videos

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