Why should you opt for electronic signature?

1. Significant time saving

The electronic signature is essential today to meet the current challenges of companies. And this solution continues to simplify the daily life of companies. Start by saving you time. No need to initial the 50 pages of your contracts and annexes. Have you ever thought about how many documents you sign each week, each month or each year? This simplification of the signature process makes it possible to streamline exchanges with your customers, but also with your suppliers. Your employees will also thank you! Those who previously had to carry out several stages of printing or scanning paper documents will also be relieved. The ability to consult and sign all your documents remotely will make your team more efficient. Above all, it will improve the productivity of your employees by avoiding many time-consuming administrative steps.

2.An economic advantage

A good part of your expenses certainly go through the purchase of many office supplies for your business, but also printers or photocopiers… The maintenance of which must be assumed the day they break down! No more buying reams of paper and storing documents in a dedicated room. Say goodbye to buying ink cartridges and toners. No more buying envelopes and postage for your paper mail, bulky binders and other archive boxes! Do you know your company’s annual “paper” budget? Because with the increase in the cost of ream paper (+30%), and more generally, the surge in paper prices in recent months, the electronic signature proves to be a beneficial solution to alleviate the paper crisis. Blame it on an offer that has not been able to keep up with the growth in demand after the gradual post-covid recovery. The law of the market has spoken: an increase in paper pulp, paper becoming scarcer, and therefore, an inevitable price increase. And the forecasts for 2022 predict an additional increase of 15 to 25%.

3.Better agility

Organizational agility requires a real revolution in corporate culture. By integrating the electronic signature within your company, you will gain in flexibility and responsiveness. Integrated into a CRM (customer relationship management tool), the electronic signature will make life easier for your salespeople to have their own database, and ensure that any department can have access to signed documents: the department to find a contract, the accounting department to send an invoice, the HR department to retrieve an amendment to a contract… This shortened sales cycle will help you focus on business opportunities in an increasingly fluctuating market. By automating all of your services, you will also reduce processing times and adapt more easily to a competitive market. You can send three quotes to your client and give him the choice to sign and send directly the one that suits him best since everything is done remotely. Thus, all stakeholders immediately have the signed contract. Modernity and ease are also criteria of choice for your suppliers or your customers when they choose to work with you. A VSE, SME or ETI therefore has every interest in adopting an agile strategy.

4.Greater security

The electronic signature offers unquestionable security. In addition to no longer losing paper documents in your archives, you have everything at your fingertips. The documents are stored in your cloud and you can find them at any time. In a few years, you will be very happy to be able to find documents signed in 2022! The means of authentication of the signatories are also very secure. SMS, e-mail, identity card, these solutions allow you to reliably authenticate the signatory, and therefore, to ensure the integrity of the signed document.

The most important thing is to choose an electronic signature solution that will be able to provide you with the necessary elements in the event of a dispute. Make sure that it complies with the eIDAS regulations: it is the highest digital identification authority in France. The latter sets the rules for the use and legal recognition of electronic signature processes in the European Union. These regulations can easily be found on the website of the European Commission. A solution like yousign is certified at French and European levels. By providing you with an evidence file for each signature containing a range of elements to prove the identity of the signatory, Yousign guarantees the reliability of the electronic signature procedure. Note that only the original version has real legal value.

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Why should you opt for electronic signature?

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