Which of Orange, Free, SFR or Bouygues offers the best network in 2002? ARCEP’s response

Which of Orange, Free, SFR or Bouygues offers the best network in 2002? ARCEP's response

Which operator offers the best mobile network in the different areas of the territory? To answer this, Arcep is lifting the lid on the 23rd edition of its annual survey to assess the quality of service of metropolitan mobile operators. Orange is once again a big winner, Free Mobile is improving and performing in rural areas.

About the 2G/3G/4G web browsing, in dense areas, the four operators have very high results in the web page display test: they are displayed in less than 10 seconds in 98% of attempts for Orange, 97% for Bouygues Telecom, 95% for Free Mobile and 94% for SFR; in rural areas, Orange (90%) is followed by Free Mobile (86%) then Bouygues Telecom and SFR (81%).

As for viewing video (streaming), in dense areas Orange (with 98% of videos viewed in perfect quality), and Bouygues Telecom (97%) are followed by Free Mobile (94%) and SFR (93%). In intermediate areas, Orange is in the lead (96%), with a lead of more than 5 points over Free Mobile (91%), Bouygues Telecom (90%) and SFR (88%). In rural areas, Orange is also first (89%); Free Mobile ranks second (85%), ahead of Bouygues Telecom and SFR (78%).

In 2G/3G/4G/5G, for these same uses, the user experience appears similar to that obtained in 2G/3G/4G. 5G is indeed still being deployed by operators and its immediate benefit lies above all in the additional capacity it brings where networks mobiles are heavily used or even saturated. Moreover, in the current state of 5G called ” not stand-alone “, or “NSA”, 5G still depends heavily on 4G. In the years to come, 5G is intended to be deployed in ” stand-alone », or « SA », and become independent of the 4G network. Finally, the 5G deployment will continue to be optimized by the operators, like the 4G network which has been the subject of continuous improvements and adjustments for almost 10 years. This will improve comfort for new uses by the general public.

Downstream 3G/4G/5G speeds average 94 Mbits/s for all operators and are significantly higher than 3G/4G speeds (63 Mbits/s).

The average 3G/4G/5G downlink speeds are significantly higher than those obtained in 3G/4G; this improvement is more marked than in 2021:

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For 2G/3G/4G/5G users, Orange offers the best downlink speeds, with an average of 143 Mbit/s for the whole of mainland France and 217 Mbit/s in dense areas. It is followed by SFR, with 84 Mbit/s on average throughout mainland France and 163 Mbit/s only in dense areas, at the same level as Bouygues Telecom (84 Mbit/s in mainland France, 167 Mbit/s in dense areas) . Free brings up the rear throughout the city with 64 Mbit/s on average, with few differences between dense areas and intermediate areas; but ranks second in rural areas.

This ranking is similar for 2G/3G/4G users, for whom Orange offers the best average speeds (89 Mbit/s), followed by SFR (57 Mbit/s), Bouygues Telecom (55 Mbit/s) and Free Mobile ( 49 Mbps).

1666311124 822 Which of Orange Free SFR or Bouygues offers the best

There are significant differences in quality depending on location and operator: Arcep invites everyone to compare them, using the ” My mobile network », depending on the zone (dense, intermediate or rural) where he lives, and according to the transport routes he uses.

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Which of Orange, Free, SFR or Bouygues offers the best network in 2002? ARCEP’s response

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