Where does the list of potential ministers of the future government that circulates on the networks come from?

The government of Elisabeth Bornecase

With the approach of the appointment of the various ministers who will make up Elisabeth Borne’s government team, at least two lists of future ministers have been shared in journalistic and political circles before leaking on social networks.

The ephemeral Sylvie Goulard back to be Minister of Foreign Affairs? The president of the regional council of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Renaud Muselier, who did not lack praise for Didier Raoult, at Health? The essayist Rachel Khan at Culture and Gérald Darmanin kept inside? During the day on Tuesday, the names of about twenty personalities were the subject of rumors in the political and journalistic milieu. First relayed in a circle of insiders, this list finally leaked on the social network Twitter, prompting numerous comments. Personalities from the media world, such as the journalist Christophe Jakubyszyn or the contractor Jacques Rosselin also published it.

The credibility of the document, considered plausible overall by some commentators, was quickly called into question, since from 2 p.m., Renaud Museliersupposedly tipped to replace Olivier Verantook care to deny the rumor by addressing thanks to those who were already congratulating him, specifying that he “does not wish to become a minister”, preferring to help Emmanuel Macron and Elisabeth Borne “as president of the most beautiful region in Europe, and until 2028”.

Information taken, the political journalist of France Info Clément Parrot also indicated on Twitter that “several ministers of this list which circulates [lui] have formally denied this composition. “What a bullshit list”, even comments one of the ministers mentioned”.

Where does this list come from? Impossible to know precisely. What is certain is that the document was relayed by circles close to the executive. Asked by CheckNewsseveral political journalists from Release confirm having received it, but remain silent on the origin so as not to compromise their sources. One of them mentions “a member of the Horizons party”, without revealing his identity.

A colleague from another daily who also shared names from this list on Twitter confided that a “very reliable source close to the Elysée” transmitted to him, explaining that he had obtained it “from a com agency close to the macronie, the public affairs community”. Agency whose identity has not been transmitted to us, preventing us from going back further. With hindsight, this colleague believes that this list “could have been shared by the majority to knock out a name”.

CheckNews also interviewed netizens who shared the names on Tuesday afternoon, but they in turn say they got the list either in Telegram loops of support for Eric Zemmour or from sources within “ministerial offices”, without giving any clue.

A second list

HAS Release, political journalists also obtained another list with a different government composition. She announced the return of Edouard Philippe to the government with a post at the Quai d’Orsay, the engineer Jean-Marc Jancovici in energy planning, the defector of LR Damien Abad in Health and Bruno Le Maire in National Education. Taking refuge behind the confidentiality of their sources, we have not been able to determine the origin of this list, which is nevertheless deemed even less credible than the first by other commentators on political life, who find it hard to imagine, for example, the former Prime Minister to serve again Emmanuel Macron.

On Twitter, the journalist from Parisian Marcelo Wesfreid indicated that one of these lists (without specifying which one) had been drawn up by a former ministerial collaborator.

Rarely picked up by the media

What media coverage have these lists received? HAS Release, apart from discussions within the editorial staff, their content has not been mentioned in articles. The same is true in most media. To our knowledge, only one article by the Dispatch includes certain names in the positions mentioned in the first list, but its author assures that his text is based on information mentioned on South West and BFM TV as well as “on our news, rumors from our local sources”.

Joined by CheckNewsJacques Rosselin, one of the Internet users with a large audience who shared the document, justifies having done so because “When you get a list like this, whose names were so believable, one way to verify it is to post it on Twitter. That’s what social media is for, too. It indicates that it is a “good friend who works in consulting for SMEs” who sent it to him. This friend says he got it from someone from “from the political milieu, in the circle of power” who sends him information from time to time which is good “seven times out of ten”. The identity of this source has not been transmitted to us.

On the antenna of BFM TV, Tuesday evening, the political journalist Benjamin Duhamel made these rumors the subject of a chronicle in which he evokes “an almost complete list” which circulates “since this morning, midday”. Citing a few names including that of Sylvie Goulard at Foreign Affairs, the journalist justifies the mention of this list “not to tell you that they are true, once again this list is made up of nothing, but quite simply because ministers exchange it, deputies exchange it, even the Elysée has been summoned to answer some journalists [sur la véracité ou non] of this list”.

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Where does the list of potential ministers of the future government that circulates on the networks come from?

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