What’s new at Free Assistance, Freebox le Mobile and Iliad

What's new at Free Assistance, Freebox, Mobile and Iliad

Week full of announcements at Free-Iliad with an interview with Thomas Reynaud. Freebox subscribers can buy a Samsung smart TV in installment payment free of charge, a tutorial on Free Proxi Assistance to find out if your city is part of this service and without forgetting our friends at Reef and their Advent calendar.

Meanwhile, for this week also a Freebox update, 4G roaming is (finally) coming to Reunion Island and an update of the list of WoWIFi and VoLTE compatible mobiles will complete this week’s news.

I invite you to see together, in detail and in images, the news of the past week on this NewsLetter N°48

Week from November 28 to December 4, 2022.

icone fusee Monday, November 28: Interview with Thomas Reynaud on Cnews

Interview with Thomas Reynaud on Cnews

Thomas Reynaud was Eric de Riedmatten’s guest last weekend in “L’Hebdo De L’Eco” on Cnews.

He answered questions relating in particular to 5G, the low prices charged by Free and the quality of the Freebox connection:

On (Free) made a totally crazy bet. For 10 years, we have not touched the prices of our €2 and €19.99 mobile plans.

Free offers 5G to its Free Mobile subscribers (Free package) at no additional cost and pleads for European sovereignty over the Cloud and for data…

Free is one of the only operators not to increase its mobile plans and is committed to preventing them from being increased for the next 5 years. sourire

Twitter Info fleche bleu

Twitter Account of Thomas Reynaud

icone fusee Nov 29 – Freebox Server Update

Shift Freebox Server Delta - One

The update is available from November 29, 2022 at 1:30 p.m.

To benefit from it, please restart the Freebox Server. The update brings the following visible changes


FreeboxOS API to control 4G aggregation status (#37200)

WireGuard VPN client configuration changes not taken into account (#37311)

fleche bleu

Freebox DEV Blog: Update Freebox Server Delta – One

icone fusee 29 Nov: Free offers its subscribers the opportunity to buy a Samsung smart TV

FFree offers its subscribers to buy a Samsung smart TV

Free offers its loyal subscribers the opportunity to buy a Samsung smart TV. Several models are offered from 43 inches to 65 inches and with different screen technologies, either in UHD 4K or in QLED 4K… the prices obviously vary according to the models.

For this purchase Free offers you a payment over 30 months free of charge and discounts on certain models.

The option can be found on your subscriber area in the Television section. And you also find all the choices on the Free portal.

Smart TV Advantage: OQEE By Free is already installed and you can enjoy Freebox TV channels on a second screen at no additional cost (excluding TV purchases), regardless of your original Freebox subscription.

fleche bleu
Access to the Freebox Subscriber Area to order your TV in the Television section.

fleche bleu
Shop Smart TV site Free

Freebox subscriber area, Television section

An example of financing on a choice of TV
Choice TV financing details

icone fusee November 30 – FREE PROXI Support

Maps and List of open cities near you

FREE PROXI Assistance: Maps and List of open cities near you

Free Proxi this new local Assistance service set up for Freebox and Free Mobile is present in many cities. How to know if you benefit from this service near you: I suggest you check it on maps of France, regional and on a list by department.

The service is currently deployed in 67 areas with teams of 8 to 10 people entirely dedicated to Free subscribers in their sector. These mini teams can follow a subscriber file from A to Z, sometimes with the same contact.

A VIP service.. and many of you are already able to benefit from it.. and for you is this the case.. we will check it on this tutorial and the associated cards – lists.

Bs spider 40

fleche bleu FREE PROXI Assistance: Maps and List of open cities near you

icone fusee 1st Dec – The Reef Advent Calendar

The Reef Advent Calendar

Our friends from Reef will playfully accompany us until Christmas. Do not hesitate and go pay them a visit.

At Reef, you cannot spread the payment over 24 months. We prefer to offer you 24 surprises before Christmas to discover every day. Like the advent calendar in fact.

The Reef Advent Calendar a gift to discover every day

fleche bleu

Reef Advent Calendar

One gift a day…

to discover at Reef …

we have everything compReef

Information Source
fleche bleu

TiinoX83 on Twitter

icone fusee December 1 – Roaming on Reunion Island

Roaming on Reunion Island

Information from the Free_1337 Twitter account: Roaming on Reunion Island is (finally) available..

Some news about roaming on Reunion Island.

– Free Métropole subscribers can now use 4G while roaming in Reunion.

– Free Réunion subscribers can now have 4G roaming in 172 countries (the same as for Free Métropole)

Details: For Free Métropole subscribers, it’s included.

fleche bleu
Roaming on Reunion Island info Twitter Free 1337

icone fusee 1st Dec – Free update Technical specifications of the telephones

(including VoWifi and VoLTE)

icone fusee 2 Dec – The Free Proxi website is online

The Free Proxi website is online

It is Xavier Niel, founding President of Free, who says it:

We’re not going to lie to each other: dealing with customer service, in general, is cumbersome.

You are asked to press the 1 key, then the 4 key, then the 2 key, then your line number followed by the pound key, then the 3 key, oh no, it was not that one, so star to go back, then key 2, so that in the end you come across a voice of a falsely human robot which tells you that unfortunately we cannot answer your request for the moment but please call back later.

With Free Proxi, we wanted to keep it simple. The advisor who responds to your request and the technician who will be in your living room a few hours later to repair your box are one and the same person.

fleche bleu
The Free Proxi website is online

Bs spider 40

A lot of information is at your disposal, in particular on the Web site of Busyspiderwith a summary of the functionalities presented on the Iliad Press Kit, but also tutorials: with the follow-up of an incident ticket in real situation, Backup 4G+ with loan of a 4G box in the event of a breakdown and last tutorial: The list of Free Proxi cities on maps of France, Regional and the list of Free Proxi centers by department… you will find all this on a single Web page.

fleche bleu Tutorial: Free Proxi Local assistance for Freebox and Free Mobile subscribers

Thus ends the abundant news of the past week. Good reading

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