What we know about the government’s plan to “striving towards zero hunting accidents”

CHARLY TRIBALLEAU / AFP What the government is planning to better regulate hunting


What the government is planning to better regulate hunting

POLICY – Rights and duties of a hunter who knows how to hunt. Monday, January 9, the Secretary of State for Ecology Bérangère Couillard must reveal the measures adopted by the government to better supervise the huntafter several crashes mortals who shocked public opinion and relaunched the mobilization of anti-hunting.

At the end of October, the Secretary of State announced her objective. “I want to aim for zero accidents in the years to come and this will go through better compliance with the rules, more information for local residents and better sharing of space”she said, revealing her roadmap.

On the basis of a recent report from the Senate and following the consultations, Bérangère Couillard will unveil the measures adopted from the town of Dry in the Loiret this Monday morning. Overview of the reflections carried out.

This was the proposal most demanded by opponents of hunting: to establish a day – Sunday – when the practice would be prohibited. In October, the Secretary of State had not closed the door, perhaps by reducing it to a half-day sanctuary at the national level.

But ultimately, the case seems badly started according to several sources who participated in the discussions. “Everyone said no to such a measure” during a meeting in December with all the users of nature – hunters but also representatives of hikers or mountain bikers, assures AFP the boss of the National Federation of Hunters Willy Schraen. “If we start banning hunting on certain days, that would sow the seed for other bans, like a day without mountain biking, for example, everyone agreed on that”he explained.

Information confirmed by a government source. “We must not suggest that banning hunting on Sundays is the only solution to settle the question of safety, especially since nothing at the statistical level indicates that Sundays are a more accident-prone day than the others. »argued this source.

The day without hunting is however supported by a majority of French people, as shown a YouGov opinion poll conducted for The HuffPost in November 2022. Seven out of ten respondents say they are in favor of banning hunting on Sundays, public holidays and school holidays. They are 51% to vote for a total ban on hunting.

The creation of a blood alcohol offense aligned with the same requirements as for motorists will be one of the avenues retained, according to a government source at franceinfo. Any hunter checked with more than 0.5 grams of alcohol per liter of blood will be subject to penalties.

This proposal considered “elementary” by anti-hunting has also been validated by the president of the hunters. She also has the support of the French, at 87%, according to our YouGov survey. It remains to be seen whether the sanction will be deemed sufficiently dissuasive. It should be noted that alcoholism is already an aggravating circumstance in the event of prosecution after a hunting accident.

  • An app for hunters

In a more informative section, Le Figaro evokes the use and development of an application to identify the real-time position of hunters or hunting and non-hunting areas. For Willy Schraen, only the second option is interesting. He judged ” ridiculous “ an application where practitioners should geolocate themselves, on the same line, for once, that the ecologists. “An app? It’s a joke”reacted the elected EELV Sandrine Rousseau, after the press information on this possible measure.

  • Training and certificate of aptitude

According to franceinfo, the government is also preparing to intervene in the training of hunters. The law already provides for theoretical training once every ten years. The executive could double it with practical training, entrusted to the various federations. In the same spirit, a medical certificate of aptitude will be requested in order to be able to pass the permit.

Finally, proposals to prohibit shooting within 30 degrees to the left and right of hunters and the lifetime suspension of the license for any hunter who has caused a fatal accident, are also under study.

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What we know about the government’s plan to “striving towards zero hunting accidents”

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