Want a $0 iPhone X? Here’s how

This iPhone X is free if you take the 100 GB mobile plan included in the RED Deal.

The RED Deal is back at RED by SFR. Unveiled a little over a year ago for the first time, this operation still arouses as much enthusiasm from the public. And for good reason, the operator allows you to take a 100 GB mobile plan which entitles you to a smartphone as a gift. This weekend it’s the famous iPhone X.

By choosing the RED Deal, this iPhone X is simply displayed at 0 euro. This is a refurbished model with decent condition, 64GB of storage and a space gray colorway. Without this special operation, this same model costs 339 euros, which means that it is a nice gift from RED by SFR.

To access the RED Deal, it’s here:

I order the iPhone X

The RED Deal ends this Monday, August 8 at midnight at RED by SFR. However, it is highly possible that the operation will end before this date, because the stocks of the iPhone X are very limited. Indeed, the operator offered this model in white and space gray, but the first color is already out of stock. In short, we only recommend that you do it as soon as possible.

How to order this iPhone X from RED by SFR?

To be able to receive the famous iPhone X offered by RED by SFR, you must take the associated mobile plan in the RED Deal. As always, this is a formula with a long-term commitment, which sets it apart from the rest of the operator’s range. If the period is 24 months, this offer does not lose its interest.

First, you must indicate that this mobile plan is for 15 euros per month only for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 100 GB of Internet in France and 18 GB from the EU and the overseas departments. As such, this formula is already excellent and its quality-price ratio is intended to be competitive.

In addition to the fact that this mobile plan is relevant, we must not forget that it comes with a nice gift worth 339 euros, the famous iPhone X. As for the formula, it comes back therefore at 480 euros in total, or 15 euros x 24 months (the duration of the commitment to RED by SFR).

I order the iPhone X

To this, we add that it is completely possible to resell this iPhone X once you have received it, which can allow you to amortize the price of the mobile plan. Indeed, if we subtract the price of the phone from that of the subscription, the offer comes back to you at 141 euros for 24 months, which represents the sum of 5.80 euros per month over this same period. For a formula with 100 GB per month, there is no better on the market.

Why take this 100 GB package?

Obviously, the iPhone X which is offered as a gift with the 100 GB mobile plan is unlocked. You can therefore keep it or sell it without taking any risk since it is yours. Moreover, we can add that RED by SFR proceeds to a fast and free delivery, the smartphone arrives at your home in just a few days after the validation of the order.

The other advantage of RED by SFR is that you can change your mobile plan for this offer with 100 GB while keeping the same phone number for free. To do this, simply dial 3179 (toll free), this is an automatic answering machine that gives you your RIO code. By adding it in the dedicated box on the operator’s site, it will take care of the portability of your number on its own.

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If the 100 GB mobile plan is the only offer with a time commitment at RED by SR, it is also the only one from the operator to allow you to benefit from such a crazy gift as this iPhone X. In the same way, no operator puts forward an operation of this caliber. For the most part, you must necessarily go through the box which makes you pay a basic sum then 8 euros per month for 24 months.

On the other hand, this 100 GB mobile plan at 15 euros per month is perfect. As usual, RED by SFR also offers non-binding mobile plans. However, none of them allow you to receive an iPhone X, and they are still quite limited in comparison. This weekend, we find a formula at 14 euros per month for 80 GB of Internet. If the latter is without commitment of duration, it remains less effective than the offer included with the RED Deal.

As a reminder, the end of hostilities is scheduled for this Monday, August 8 at RED by SFR. The RED Deal remains a one-time operation and relatively rare in the operator, which is why it always results in such wild success by ending before the official end date. Don’t wait any longer to receive the iPhone X as a gift for your summer vacation.

To access the RED Deal, it’s here:

I order the iPhone X

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Want a $0 iPhone X? Here’s how

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