Voodoo becomes the most downloaded mobile game publisher in the world

The French unicorn of mobile video games is taking a new step, less than a year after the announcement of its last fundraising. Voodoo announces today that it has reached six billion downloads. To understand the growth and recipes for success of Voodoo, Maddyness approached Alexandre Yazdi, co-founder and CEO of Voodoo. How did Voodoo achieve this success? and how are the teams betting on the future?

In the world of video game creation, Voodoo has around twenty in-house studios and supports nearly 2,000 external studios. Over the past nine years, Voodoo has followed 3 key steps, which have made the success of the startup (evidenced by the successful games presented on the publisher’s website).

3 Steps to Drive Mobile Game Success

Above all, Alexandre Yazdi talks about the importance of this first step, which is ideation. ” We help studios come up with ideas, giving them directions on what’s working in the market right now. Are “runners” or “puzzle games” type games working at the moment, for example? What are the controls that work the most, the types of cameras to consider, the types of design trends etc.“. A way to ensure a certain success with a public attentive to the concepts proposed by the development studios.

Then the second step to publish the game on Voodoo. ” Studios build prototypes based on data that we have analyzed, and will publish their new games on our platform. The latter will automatically test the games on the market, thanks to our fully automated technology.“. Voodoo then allows you to quickly collect feedback, to know very quickly if the game has potential.

If so, the third step is to “ improve performance, optimize content. Then comes the launch, with a lot of marketing for players to learn about the game“. Voodoo also supports monetization of the game, sharing revenue with the studio. For Alexandre Yazdi, “ it is really this approach, both operational and technological, that makes us full stack in supporting studios”.

“Last year, we said to ourselves that we would go into the blockchain segment”

Voodoo recently invested in blockchain studios Volt Games and Tummy Games. If the Voodoo teams have decided to engage in the development of the blockchain mobile game segment by creating the next generation of so-called ” play-to-earn” , it’s because ” this can become the new way of using games, it’s a bit of a new business model that replaces the current free-to-play contextualizes the CEO.

For Alexandre Yazdi, “ there have already been successful examples and already many concepts that work. This proves that there is a demand, a demand that is growing very strongly“. And this is perhaps the key to success: anticipating the desires and needs of the market. ” We are in the yardstick of this new segment, this is where the leaders are going to be created, so we are trying to go there”.

In 2022, Voodoo will exceed the half-billion euro revenue mark, with 700% growth in 5 years.

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Voodoo becomes the most downloaded mobile game publisher in the world

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