Use This Hidden iOS Timer to Stop Your Music Once You’re Asleep

iOS has a native timer to stop playback automatically. Handy if you’re used to falling asleep to music.

Some people rarely go to bed without listening to and/or watching something on their iPhone. Whether it’s music or any video content. The problem is, you have to make sure the video is long enough to last while you fall asleep, but not too long either. And you have to make sure that autoplay is disabled, otherwise Youtube will continue to play new videos throughout the night. Fortunately, the iPhone has a hidden timer.

iOS has a native timer to stop playback automatically

If you’re used to listening to music or watching videos to fall asleep, you’ve probably fallen asleep and woken up with the music still playing. Many music and video player apps don’t have timers. As a result of the operation, you are woken up in the middle of the night by the same content that put you to sleep. Podcast enthusiasts are more fortunate, as the functionality is fairly standard for this content. Spotify offers one too.

Although AppleMusic and YouTube do not have a timer on iPhone, there is one in iOS. Apple doesn’t emphasize the feature, but it works very well. In addition, 9to5Google discovered a timer in the latest beta of Apple Music for Android. Will we see this timer arrive in iOS 16 or does the Cupertino company believe that only Android users may need a timer with Apple Music?

Convenient if you’re used to falling asleep to music

Anyway, for now, we have to make do with this hidden timer on the iPhone. Fortunately, it works with any audio source on the device. In other words, this timer will stop playback once the countdown comes to an end, regardless of the app you are using.

To use it, head to the Clock app and choose Timers, as you normally would. Choose “When the timer ends”, scroll down and tap on “Stop playback”. There you can choose the duration, activate the timer and you will be sure that the playback will stop once the time has elapsed.

And the best part is that iOS returns to the lock screen the moment it stops playing audio. That way, your iPhone can go to sleep rather than staying active on whatever app you might have open. This isn’t a problem for apps that offer background playback like Apple Music, but since the free version of YouTube doesn’t, this native timer comes in handy.

Be careful though, iOS remembers the last sound for the next timer. So if you don’t pay attention and set a timer without changing “Stop playback”, the timer will not sound. If you don’t have audio playing at that time, you might not realize that the time is up. Which could be very unfortunate.

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Use This Hidden iOS Timer to Stop Your Music Once You’re Asleep

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