Under electronic bracelet, he threatens and attacks a bus driver in Dieppe to return home

Shortly after his release, the man sinned again in Dieppe (Seine-Maritime) and returned to prison. (©Archives) (© Les Informations Dieppoises)

The taste of freedom will have been short-lived. A little less than a month to be precise. As he was coming out of jail for another convictiona 36-year-old man was sentenced by the Court of Dieppe (Seine-Maritime) Friday, December 2, 2022.

The man appeared among other things to have threatened and abused bus drivera controller, police officers and health personnel from the Dieppe hospital center.

On Tuesday, November 29, the defendant, wearing an electronic bracelet, went to Spip, the prison service for integration and probation in Rouen. On the way back to Dieppe, while waiting for a bus to take him home, near Saint-Valery-en-Caux, the man allegedly consumed alcohol.

When the bus arrived, the driver refused him entry, seeing that the defendant was drunk. In front of the court bar, the driver will indicate “that I had a lot of children so I do not take alcoholic people for safety for my customers”. The alcoholic man insists heavily on getting on the bus and even mentions his electronic bracelet.

But the bus driver does not give in. At that time, the defendant got angry and, according to the driver, threatened him with death. Then he gets violent with him. A bus conductor is called upon to intervene and would in turn be threatened and then assaulted. The police are called and will take the individual to the hospital. Again, he will be violent and refuse to submit to the alcohol test. He threatens and violent a nurse before being overpowered by the firefighters and then the police.

problems with alcohol

“I recognize that in the hospital I struggled a bit because the police held me down, strangled me, he pleads. I insisted on getting on the bus, I talked about the bracelet, I insisted on going home but I didn’t rush or threaten him. »

That day, in addition to having consumed a beer, he took heavy treatment against alcohol consumption. “With his treatment it is an explosive cocktail, recognizes his lawyer. He panicked because it was the last bus and he knew his electronic bracelet was going to ring. “His client is also asking to be hospitalized to solve his problems with alcohol.

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Aware of his recent release, his lawyer asked for the electronic bracelet to be maintained. He will not be heard and his client is sentenced to four months in prison with continued detention. He must pay €200 to the two police officers and the two victims of the transport company.

The two victims of Deep Mob are also compensated up to €600 for the costs of the proceedings. He is, however, released for the death threats against the driver and the controller and released for his refusal to submit to the checks aimed at establishing the alcoholic state.

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Under electronic bracelet, he threatens and attacks a bus driver in Dieppe to return home

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