Twitter Blue is back and iOS subscribers won’t appreciate the new pricing

Twitter announced last weekend the return today of the subscription formula of the social network. Twitter Blue is coming back, but iOS users will have to pay more than on Android.

Because of this increase in the price of the monthly subscription on iPhone and iPad, the will of the new direction of Twitter to compensate for the 30% of commissions taken by Apple with each purchase via its App Store. On the other hand, Elon Musk could increase the character limit in a tweet from 280… to 4,000.

Twitter Blue 2.0?

After the fiasco of Twitter’s attempt, under the impetus of Elon Musk, to offer everyone the possibility of obtaining a certification badge via the paid offer Twitter Blue, the social network is back with a revised formula .

The company and its product manager, Esther Crawford, spoke this weekend about the “new formula” of Twitter Blue, available today in certain regions of the world (not yet in France). The takeaway is that the company claims to have added a new verification step to prevent identity theft, as we saw a month ago. Little specific information has been shared but a shared screenshot says it could be a simple phone number verification.

The service, which allows you to obtain a small blue verification sticker, access to modify tweets or even download videos in 1080p, is still available at a price of $8 per month for Android users. It will also be necessary to expect to see the arrival the famous golden badges, for companies, and gray for governments in particular. People signing up from an iOS device will have to pay $11 per month.

4000 characters

A decision taken to compensate for the 30% tax that the apple giant takes on purchases made via its store. A policy that has already earned him lawsuits from Epic Games, for example. These taxes, considered too high by the eccentric billionaire, as well as the withdrawal of advertising campaigns from Apple, the platform’s largest advertiser, have recently led to an outcry from Elon Musk who decided to hit hard.

It is important to note that Google applies the same 30% tax policy for Android applications that bring in more than a million dollars per year (like Twitter). Still, Musk didn’t make a decision on it. In any case, the solution to pay less for your subscription is to go through a computer rather than a smartphone, as for the subs on Twitch for example.

The latter finally confirmed, in response to a tweet, to consider greatly extending the limit of characters in a tweet. The micro-blogging platform, renowned for its character limit, could thus authorize tweets of 4,000 characters. Only the first 280 characters will be visible by default and you will have to click to expand the rest of the text.

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Twitter Blue is back and iOS subscribers won’t appreciate the new pricing

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