Tutorial: How to put Snapchat in black?

Snapchat is a social network that allows you to share short photos and videos, which disappear once they have been viewed. While apps like Facebook or Instagram automatically adapt to the theme of the device, the application with the white ghost on a yellow background has seen only a few changes in its interface. Snapchat’s white background can be distracting, especially at night. the dark mode changes white backgrounds to black, for better user comfort. It is also possible to activate the dark mode on the site of 20 minutes, to read the latest news without hurting your eyes!

Enable Snapchat Dark Mode on iOS

To switch the Snapchat interface to black on iPhone or iPad, nothing could be simpler: everything happens directly in the application settings.

  1. Open Snapchat
  2. On the main screen, go to his avatar at the top left
  3. Once on the profile page, click on the toothed wheel at the top right to display the settings
  4. In account settings, go to “App Appearance”
  5. Select “Always dark” mode

With this setting selected, the entire app except for the yellow home screen should be black.

It is possible to restore the original colors to the application by following the same steps, then selecting “Always clear”. For users who alternate between dark mode and light mode depending on day or night, it is also possible to select “Same as system”, to have Snapchat adapt to the theme of the phone. Thus, Snapchat will display in white during the day, and in black at night.

Enable Snapchat Dark Mode on Android

On Android, things get a bit more complicated, since there is no native dark mode on the app. It will therefore be necessary to trick! There are two main solutions available to Android users who would like to have a dark theme on Snapchat:

  1. Force enable dark mode through developer mode
  2. Download an older version of Snapchat

Unfortunately, these two techniques do not work on all phones. The last resort is to root your device and go through a third-party app designed to work on a rooted phone. This technique involving risks for the phone and the data on it, it will not be detailed in this article.

Blackout Snapchat on Android via Developer Mode

Developer mode allows access to advanced system settings. This mode is easy to activate, but be careful to only touch the parameter described in the article, to avoid making unwanted changes to the operation of the phone.

To enable developer mode:

  1. Open phone settings
  2. Go to “About the phone”
  3. Browse the menu until you find the line “Force activation of dark mode” and activate the dark option: appears)

Once Developer Mode is enabled, there are only a few steps left to force Dark Mode to be enabled:

  1. Open system menu
  2. Click on “Developer mode” (or equivalent)
  3. Go through the menu until you find the line “Force activation of dark mode” and activate the option

This line does not exist on all telephones. In the event that your phone does not allow you to force the activation of dark mode, you will have to go to the next proposal.

Use an older version of Snapchat on Android

Another way to put Snapchat in dark mode on Android is to download an older version of the app. The website Snapchat Uptodown lists old versions of the application.

On the “old versions” page, a “See more” button allows you to view previous versions of Snapchat. You will have to go back to version Beta of July 9, 2019. It is this version that you will need to install to take advantage of Snapchat’s dark mode on Android. However, concessions will have to be made on the features released after this date.

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Tutorial: How to put Snapchat in black?

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