Tips for properly configuring your new iPhone

easy iphone icon iphone for dummiesToday we will see how to change some settings on a new iPhone in order to take full advantage of it. Whether it’s saving battery life, avoiding being tracked, or using advanced features, there’s something for everyone.

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How to properly configure your iPhone (or iPad)

With this tutorial, you’ll learn which specific iPhone settings you need to change for the best experience, performance, and battery life on iOS 15 and above.

Apple’s default settings for iPhone are optimized for ease of use, but with a few simple tweaks, you can make your phone more convenient and faster. This means spending some time in “Settings”, one of the most used basic applications. Without further ado, here is the list of settings on your Apple smartphone that you should change to enjoy slightly faster performance, better battery life and improved comfort. We had already shared tips for preserve your privacy on iOS as well as for save batterybut this is a more macroscopic approach with various settings.

iphone tutorial configure isoft settings

  1. Disable read receipt in iMessage (Posts > Read receipts).
  2. Disable repeated message alerts (Notifications > Posts > Customize Alerts > Repeat alerts).
  3. Block tracking in emails (Email > Privacy Protection > Protect your activity in Mail).
  4. Opt out of personalized ads (Privacy > Apple Advertising).
  5. Do not help Apple to improve Siri and dictation by sending your data (Privacy > Analysis and improvements).
  6. Do not share iPhone analytics data (Privacy > Analysis and improvements).
  7. Don’t allow apps to request tracking (Privacy > Monitoring).
  8. Disable location suggestions and significant locations (Privacy > Location Services > Services system (at the very bottom) and uncheck “Analyze iPhone”, “Location-Based Alerts”, “System Personalization”, “Location-Based Suggestions”).
  9. Always allow app downloads over the cellular network (AppStore > Cellular Data).
  10. Change the quality of voice memos to be lossless (Dictaphone > Audio Quality > lossless).
  11. Hide expired cards in Apple Wallet (Cards and Apple Pay > Hide expired cards).
  12. Activate the camera grid to take straight photos (Camera > Composition > Grid).
  13. Activate the elements off camera frame to easily edit your shots later (Camera > Composition > Show items out of frame).
  14. Choose the primary travel mode from Maps (Maps > Preferred means of transport).
  15. Choose an equalizer for listening to music (Music > Audio > Equalizer).
  16. Activate double or triple tap on the back of the iPhone to trigger an action. (Accessibility > To touch > Touch the back of the device).

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Tips for properly configuring your new iPhone

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