Tip: restarting the Studio Display fixes all its bugs, even the most improbable ones

The Studio Display incorporates an Apple A13 chip as complete as that of the iPhone and iPad and in fact, the screen designed by Apple is a complete computer, with a light version of iOS to operate all its components. A surprising choice which allows the manufacturer to improve its functions, including the quality of the webcam which has been improved a little with the 15.5 software released in the wake of macOS 12.4. On the other hand, this operating system can have bugs and it is the screen which then has difficulty in ensuring its role on a daily basis.

The Studio Display is updated via macOS System Preferences and only a Mac is able to update it.

There are many testimonies, including on the Apple Forums, indicating that one of the screen functions may be having a problem after a while. Depending on the case, it is the camera that is malfunctioning or the speakers that no longer know how to broadcast sound smoothly. Each time, the solution is always the same : The screen must be restarted and normal operation returns.

The problem is that Apple has nothing planned to restart its screen. Since the Studio Display lacks any buttons, the only option is to unplug the monitor for a few seconds and then plug it back in. The screen then turns back on with initially only three dots appearing, while its operating system starts, then you will see macOS again and everything should be back to normal.

This solution is more universal than one might think. Following the installation of macOS 12.4, I had the final version of the 15.5 software intended for the Studio Display and the installation never started at first, the System Preferences window remained stuck at the end of the download. A restart of the Mac later, the process started well, with the screen which in turn restarts and shows a progress bar for a few minutes.

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The process of updating a Studio Display goes through several screens like this.

Except that after returning to macOS, I noticed that the screen was not up to date at all and that the system again offered me version 15.5 of its software. I tried twice afterwards to launch the update, but nothing to do, impossible to upgrade the Studio Display system. I am not not the only one if i believe this other testimony and for lack of a better idea, I went to shoot the screen socket under the desk.

Good pick: after this forced restart, macOS offered the update again and this time it was installed. After the procedure, my Studio Display is well identified as using the latest system version 15.5 and I no longer have an update offered by the System Preferences.

In short, even if it doesn’t seem logical at first glance and even if you have to do a little gymnastics to unplug the screen, it’s always the solution to consider first in the event of a problem…

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Tip: restarting the Studio Display fixes all its bugs, even the most improbable ones

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