TikTok next king of social media advertising, according to investment bank GP Bullhound

In a report published Monday, December 5, the international investment bank and consultancy GP Bullhound identifies the 10 innovations that should mark the Tech sector in 2023.

The social network TikTok next king of advertising, online shopping new eldorado for brands or an expansion of robotics become reality… here are the trends that should mark the tech industry in 2023, according to the latest study investment banking GP Bullhound.

1.TikTok“king of advertising»

TikTok”king of advertising“. This is the future that the bank GP Bullhound foresees for the Chinese social network. The report says the platform could hit $13.8 billion in ad revenue by 2026. With its TikTok for business tool, the platform has a large amount of data that can interest companies’ advertising budgets.», Estimates Guillaume Bonneton, partner France at GP Bullhound.

Also, “cThe forecasts correspond to the realities of the market. Advertisers have been interested in TikTok since 2020, but what has changed in recent months is that they now want to use the platform to develop their brand and boost their sales. », adds Emmanuelle Patry, creator of the Social media expert program and specialist in social networks.

2. Buy directly through social networks

GP Bullhound Bank believes that consumers will continue to move away from traditional e-commerce platforms to buy directly from their favorite social media as “instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Pinterest“, enumerates Guillaume Bonneton. Products purchased through social media are about “ fashion, cosmetics and consumer electronics“, he details.

Shopping on social networks remains quite informal in Europe and the United States“, nuance Emmanuelle Patry, before specifying:”Despite everything, TikTok wishes to launch a partnership with an actor capable of offering direct purchase technology adapted to the European and American market.“. According to the social network specialist, the Chinese platform is the most capable of setting up an efficient system of direct purchase, already widely used in Asia.

3. New advertising channels: connected television

According to the bank, the Connected TV (CTV) is the new influential advertising channel. It allows marketers to combine all aspects of their business. Including, GP Bullhound analysis, strengthening their brands and acquiring targeted customers. An increase in mergers and acquisitions for CTV-related services is therefore expected.

4. Development of automatic language processing tools

The report also focuses on the development of technological tools capable of automatically processing different languages ​​(NLP), then integrated into several applications. According to the bank, they are essential for future business strategies and could benefit from even higher investments. The market already has an annual growth rate of around 30%, recalls GP Bullhound.

5. Energy saving: a challenge for the tech industry

Electric vehicles, batteries… other tech sectors will see investments flow in, including equipment that is more in line with the energy transition. Leading the way, however, are home energy-saving systems, with an estimated annual market growth rate of 19%.

6. Investments in software for environmental transition

The same goes for software in the service of the environmental transition which already represented, in 2022, more than a quarter of each dollar invested in venture capital.

7. Semiconductors: symbols of the battle for technological leadership

Present in computers, smartphones or planes…semiconductors, or rather their lack of availability, have already blocked many production chains. The shortage of electronic components is far from over, say the authors of the report. Demand should remain strong. Moreover, the demands of States seeking industrial sovereignty should lead to a redefinition of the current balances.

8. An expansion of robotics

In addition, the report indicates that in 2023, the use of robots in all sectors could already become widespread and impact jobs in manufacturing and services. “ Manufacturing, retail and logistics sectors are particularly likely to be largely automated in 2023 and beyond», Details Guillaume Bonneton from GP Bullhound. The bank estimates that by 2030, up to 20 million manufacturing jobs worldwide will be replaced by AI, machine learning and robots.

9. Tools and platforms dedicated to remote work

Work in a wayhybrid“. Since the pandemic the trend towards telework has become widespread, underlines GP Bullhound. Last July, a study carried out by the Adp Research Institute indicated that 71% of young people felt they could quit their job if their employer asked them to come back 100% face-to-face. A new practice that forces companies to review the way they retain their employees. GP Bullhound foresees the massive appearance, in 2023, of tools and platforms dedicated to these new uses.

10. The Cybersecurity Horizon

Finally, the sustainable growth of the cybersecurity is virtually assured for the investment bank, which even foresees a consolidation of suppliers and their offers. Companies like Orange have already announced that they want to invest more in this sector.

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TikTok next king of social media advertising, according to investment bank GP Bullhound

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