Three years after Android, Apple moves to live captioning

For the World Accessibility Awareness Day organized this Thursday, Apple took the opportunity to present many new features to help its disabled users on a daily basis. And among the functions to come, subtitling is finally making its appearance at the Apple brand. An innovation for the hearing impaired, but which will delight the greatest number.

Live captions are finally coming to Apple // Source: Apple

At last ! iPhone users would be tempted to say. Those of Android could boast of this progress since 2019 on certain devices. Live captioning is finally coming to Apple devices.

On the occasion of Accessibility Day, which is being held this Thursday, May 19, Apple has announced some innovations that will be added to the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac in the coming weeks, no doubt under future operating systems. operations revealed during the WWDC conference in June. And among these, we find in particular the arrival of the function Live Captionsor the live transcription of the words of your interlocutor during audio or video calls.

Available on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Live Captions allows deaf and hard of hearing users to participate in a conversation with several on FaceTime or to follow a video call, a videoconference, a group call on Messenger or WhatsApp, to watch multimedia content. Because they will benefit from live subtitles. Initially, the function will only be available in English

It will be possible to adjust the font size according to your needs. In-house application, FaceTime will also benefit from the attribution of comments to a participant in the dialogue so as not to lose the user when reading on the screen. On Mac, the hearing impaired person will be able to type their answer which will be read aloud to the other participants in the call.

Apple accessibility direct subtitle live captions facetime
On FaceTime, live captions show the name of each participant // Source: Apple

The subtitles will be generated on the user’s device and therefore there is no recording in sight, sending outside the product. Everything remains private, promises Apple.

No availability date has been announced by Apple. It is very likely that this novelty will only arrive with iOS 16 which will enter beta version in the summer before being deployed with the new iPhones at the start of the school year in September. This will initially only concern American and English-speaking Canadian users, with an iPhone 11 and above, an iPad with a minimum A12 Bionic chip and Macs with an M1 chip and later.

How to enable subtitles on iPhone and iPad?

Pending the arrival of the live function, it is already possible to activate subtitles for videos in supported applications.

  • Go to Settings > Accessibility > Subtitles & Closed Captions
  • Activate the function
  • Click on Style to configure according to your needs (character size, font, color, background opacity, border, highlighting, etc.).

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Three years after Android, Apple moves to live captioning

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