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Our free app of the day is Manual Camera: DSLR, a photo app on Android to capture snapshots in manual mode like on an SLR camera. The application is currently free on the Google Play Store instead of 4.49 euros.

Manual Camera serves not only for photos, but also for videos, which can be recorded in 4K resolution, depending on the specifications of your smartphone. The application usually costs 4.49 euros, but can be downloaded for free for a limited period.

Why is this free promo app worth it?

The native application of your smartphone does not always exploit the full potential of your device. Whether it’s to simplify the use, or even by the investment of time necessary to adjust the app, native applications offer only the minimum of options necessary when it comes to taking photos. That’s why apps like Manual Camera: DSLR exist to alleviate these problems.

Manual Camera DSLR app

The app exploits the potential of the smartphone camera, even when photos are taken in the wrong orientation 😉 / © NextPit

Manual Camera: DSLR app offers for example options to adjust white balance, different auto focus options, manual, exposure time, ISO, HDR, scene modes, timer, continuous mode, time lapse and Moreover. All this in a relatively simple interface, with large icons and well-organized menus.

And of course, Manual Camera: DSLR is compatible with several photo lenses – rear or selfie, although it simply identifies them as “CAM 1/2/3” – and offers RAW format recording.

For video recording, you can choose the bitrate and FPS rate, take slow or fast motion footage, and even use the image stabilization system available on the smartphone.

Does this free application respect your personal data?

In his privacy policy, the developers explain that they use telemetry services and third-party advertisements, which may collect information about the use of the application. It’s worth noting that the Pro version on sale here doesn’t include ads, and I couldn’t find any in-app purchases either.

According to the privacy platform Exodus privacy, the app includes two trackers, both from Google, one for ads and the other for analytics. The permissions requested are in line with what is expected of a photo application, with access requested for the camera, microphone, geolocation (for metadata, optional), access to external storage, among others.

Did you like our free app of the day? Have you downloaded Manual Camera: DSLR for free?

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This very complete photo application for Android is free instead of 4.19€ | NextPit

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