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Notes is a note-taking app for Android. Despite its not very imaginative name, the application offers a clear interface with many nifty features. NextPit presents this application to you temporarily free in the Google Play Store instead of 4.69 euros.

  • Notes is currently free instead of €4.69 in the Google Play Store
  • The application does not contain advertising or in-app purchases
  • Notes is rated 4.3 stars with over 1100 reviews and over 100,000 downloads

In fact, Antoine is our leader when it comes to note-taking apps. But when I came across this application simply called “Notes”, I thought to myself that I had to recommend it to you.

Why is this free app worth it?

The Notes app comes with a small introduction to the main functions, but overall it’s very intuitive to use. By creating a note, you can define whether it is a simple text or a list. In the case of lists, you can tick the different items and if you wish, delete the completed points from the note.

You will be able to format your notes in a very complete way, format the text and the background color and attach files. / © NextPit

Also, you will be able to format the font, change the background color and attach files to the note. These can be pictures, voice notes or other files. Notes has a calendar feature and displays important notes for the day on the main page. Everything is organized in tabs that you can modify and expand as you wish.

You can share your notes with others or place them as a shortcut on your home screen. It is also possible to use widgets and the notes are also displayed in notifications. If you wish, you can also create backups, choosing to back up text only or text and attachments. You can also automatically sync your notes with Google Drive or other cloud services.

Screenshots of "Notice"-App auf einem Android-Smartphone

You can also place your lists on the home screen via a widget or a shortcut. / © NextPit

In the end, therefore, you will get an easy-to-use and comprehensive note-taking tool, which in my opinion lacks nothing. Unfortunately, we don’t know how long the promo lasts. So download the application as soon as possible before it becomes chargeable again.

Does this free application respect your personal data?

Notes was developed by Vitaliy Panov, whose other tools also got more than four stars on Google Play. In his privacy policythe developer explains that it collects log data (IP address, device name, OS version, time and date of use) for maintenance purposes.

The Exodus platform shows the presence of a single ad-free tracker for OpenTelemetry, an analysis and statistics tool. A total of 14 permissions are listed, but not all of them are required. For example, you will only need access to the microphone if you want to attach voice notes. The very positive reviews, the 4.3 stars and the more than 100,000 downloads are also proof of an application that is really worthwhile.

What do you think of our free app of the day? Have you installed Notes on your smartphone?

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This note-taking Android app is free instead of €4.69 | NextPit

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