This ingenious invention allows you to have an eSIM whatever your mobile

Share is a service that allows you to use an eSIM with any Android mobile, even if it does not support this function.

One of the great technological advances of recent years in the field of mobile networks is, without a doubt, eSIM functionalitythrough which you can pair a second SIM card to your smartphone without it being physically in your device.

The disadvantage of this technology is that currently, few devices support this function and all are high-end terminals such as the iPhone, the Google Pixel or the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22. coverage

Make your mobile compatible with the eSIM thanks to the card

But now, thanks to the medium Esper, the blog created by former XDA-Developers editor Mishaal Rahman, we have just discovered an ingenious invention that will allow you to have an eSIM whatever your mobile.

With you can use an eSIM on any Android smartphone is a service offered by the German company Telco Village which allows any Android mobile to be compatible with eSIMalthough it does not have this functionality natively.

Indeed, on the main page of the site, the Berlin-based company explains that its service is compatible with any Android device and works in any country and with any mobile network.

This ingenious invention allows you to have an eSIM whatever your mobile

A) Yes, to start using this serviceyou just need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Buy an card through its website
  • Insert this card in one of the SIM card slots of your terminal
  • Download the app from from Play Store
  • Scan your carrier’s QR code to download an eSIM profile to your device

The first thing to keep in mind is that once you perform these actions, the eSIM profile you just downloaded will not appear as such on your Android mobilesince Google’s operating system detects this card as if it were a traditional SIM card. Indeed, the application, of which we leave you the direct link to Google Play at the end of this article, unable to access Android APIs for eSIM management.

This ingenious invention allows you to have an eSIM whatever your mobile

Although the card provided by eSIM looks like a regular SIM card to me, it really isn’t, because traditional SIM cards come with a piece of silicon that contains a low-power processor and a small amount of internal storage to host the software that communicates with the called reader UICC or Universal Integrated Circuit Cardwhile on SIM cards this piece of silicon is called eUICC or Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Cardwhich allows you to manage several eSIM profiles. prices

The different tariff plans of the service

When purchasing an card, you can choose between four different modes:

  • Alone: you can use the eSIM card on one device and their prices vary according to the number of eSIM profiles:
    • Up to 2 eSIM profiles: 23,64 €
    • Up to 5 eSIM profiles: €28.38
  • Multi: You can use the eSIM card in multiple devices of the same brandbut not simultaneously, and their prices are as follows:
    • Up to 2 eSIM profiles: €37.85
    • Up to 5 eSIM profiles: €42.59
    • Up to 5 eSIM profiles: €47.33
  • Omni: The eSIM card can be used on any Android device and allows use two eSIMs at the same time. It has up to 15 eSIM profiles and has a price of 66.28 euros.
  • Double: as the name suggests, they are sent two eSIM cards can be used at the same time on any Android mobile. Both of these cards have up to 30 eSIM profiles and they cost 123.13 euros.

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This ingenious invention allows you to have an eSIM whatever your mobile

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