They tested the official iPhone repair kit, here is their opinion

Although Apple did not allow you to repair your iPhone at home until then, solutions already existed. We think for example of the kits offered by iFixit and which make it possible to repair or replace more or less parts of the brand’s smartphones. These kits essentially contain a few tools and the spare part(s) you ordered (or just the latter if you already have all the necessary tools). For the rest, any iPhone owner reckless enough to repair their smartphone themselves should trust the ultra-detailed disassembly guides offered by iFixit.

However, in the United States, Apple begins to send its first official repair kits. And the month we can say is that according to our colleagues from The Verge, these kits are simply “over the top”: Apple does not send you a few disposable tools in addition to the spare part. Instead the form rents you (against 49 dollars and $1200 deposit) an approved mobile repair center that fits in two large Pelican beacons. All that to change a very small battery of nothing at all. The Verge journalist explains that he has no experience in iPhone repairs.

The kit provided by Apple to repair iPhones is, to say the least, intimidating

He therefore decides to rely on the tools and the official repair manual of the firm. But the first good surprise is that there is an ultra-sophisticated tool right away to open the smartphone “without effort”. This sucks and heats the flat parts, and comes with a mold perfectly adapted to the model in order to soften the glue. You must then use the (quite sophisticated) tools provided to unscrew the screws. And follow the rest of the instructions to remove the screen, and here we are in the device. After a few galleys to remove the old battery and replace it with the new one, journalist Sean Hollister finally manages to close and turn on his smartphone.

Everything works, except for an error message – at this point Apple must be notified of the repair so that the serial number of the battery is again “married” to the device. In the end, the journalist successfully completed the repair with the official tools and instructions. But all this left him with a somewhat unpleasant aftertaste. Indeed, everything seems to be done to actually discourage users from carrying out these repairs themselves: the quantity of equipment necessary for the repair, the deposit of 1200 dollars, the errors that occur during the procedure, the risk of breakage…

In the end, the option is less advantageous than taking the smartphone to Apple or an authorized repairer – and actually only seems to appeal to a handful of curious hackers, ready to do this repair themselves despite the risks. . We therefore seem a long way from a revolution in the repair of Apple products… We invite you to discover images of the official procedure via the link at the source of this article.

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They tested the official iPhone repair kit, here is their opinion

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