These 5 new iPhone games are worth checking out, one of which, without any discussion

As with new films, the majority of which are released on Wednesdays in France, new iOS games generally appear on the App Store on Thursdays. It is therefore like every week, on this day, that we offer you a selection of the best new iPhone and iPad games.

In this new batch, there are surely some beautiful pearls to put in your mouth, like those present in the previous list to find theresuch as Sky Gamblers Air Supremacy 2 download hereShapik: The Moon Quest available here or even Finding Paradise available here on the App Store.

We present to you what seems to us to be the most qualitative. In any case, some of the games are free and can be tested easily. So don’t wait to make up your own mind! Don’t hesitate to come back and read us regularly so you don’t miss any news about games on iOS, among others.

our selection

Ruler of the Waves 1916

  • Description : strategy game, naval battle style, but in 3D, wanting to be closer to the action. Rule the waters with your well-stocked fleet of battleships, destroyers and other warships armed to the teeth
  • WE love : the simulation aspect, making the fights rather difficult
  • Download link : here on the App Store


  • Description : remastered version of the Pulstar game, released on consoles and arcade machines more than 30 years ago. In this title, you control a spaceship, progressing horizontally from left to right. You have to face many enemies, arriving in endless waves. It’s up to you to avoid them or exterminate them to cross the many levels safely.
  • WE love : an effective genre, with immediate fun and well-balanced difficulty
  • Download link : download here

Top Hunter Roddy & Cathy

  • Description : another retro game, make way for a colorful title. The rhythm is sustained, the action omnipresent, alongside the two heroes of the adventure, Roddy & Cathy. You progress in a platform game genre, from left to right, and must avoid obstacles and eliminate the enemy threat. The title is known for highlighting local multiplayer in a beautiful way
  • WE love : 2 player mode naturally
  • Download link : download here

Unsolved Case

  • Description : A point-and-click puzzle adventure game that will give you headaches. The puzzles are well constructed, but also, and above all, the scenario benefits from very elaborate writing and ideas. And like the game above, the title is played perfectly with 2
  • WE love : comic book style visual key
  • Download link : download here

Attention, this is an in-game video below, do not view it if you do not want to discover the solutions to the puzzles.

Sling Ming

  • Description : game originally released on Nintendo Switch. Here it is now playable on iPhone and iPad, to the delight of players who love original platform titles. Because in Sling Ming, you don’t progress naturally by walking and jumping. The heroine is tied to a rope. It’s up to you to control its swing to progress in an engaging adventure by avoiding traps and evil creatures
  • WE love : a game for the whole family, both pretty and with fun mechanics
  • Download link : see you there

You have tested new features, appreciated or not, do not hesitate to share your feedback with the community in the comments!

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These 5 new iPhone games are worth checking out, one of which, without any discussion

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