The weather channels have not tampered with their temperature maps

This week will be hotand no one can ignore high temperatures all over the country. But here again, some skeptics find fault. The heat would not be particularly more important than before, according to them, it would only be a modification of the colors of the maps of weather report​. A few years ago, temperatures like this week would have been shown in yellow, today they would be in red.

Some cry out for a new manipulation by the media and institutions. The opportunity for climatosceptics to get a new argument to deny the existence from global warming. “It is a vast hoax,” write some. What is it really about this publication shared several thousand times on Twitter? 20 minutes make the point.


The two photographs shared on social networks represent weather maps in Sweden. On the left, the post claims that it is from 1986, with a green background and approximately the same temperatures as the map on the right, this one from 2022, with an orange background. It’s actually montages.

By looking for images, we discover that the map on the left, supposedly from 1986, actually displays the weather forecast for Thursday, July 21, 2016. Temperatures considered “high summer” for the country, by the site of the public channel of Sweden. The second map is also not from 2022 as shown, but from August 13, 2021. And the image shared on social media that depicts maximum temperatures is visible at 1min09 of the video. These are forecasts by meteorologist Madeleine Westin on TV4, another television channel.

They are therefore maps of different television channels, which therefore do not necessarily use the same color codes and which do not deal with the same thing. The first indicates the weather, the second the maximum possible temperatures, which explains this difference.

Apart from these stories of colors on the maps, many reports, including the latest from the IPCC, indicate that temperatures have increased around the world. Data available on the French government’s website indicate that the last five years have been the warmest observed since 1850. rank of the hottest years since 1850, with 2019 ranking second,” indicates the site.

The IPCC finds that the rise in global temperature has increased further, at a rate that will most likely exceed the threshold of 1.5°C of warming since the pre-industrial era between 2021 and 2040.

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The weather channels have not tampered with their temperature maps

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