The Raspberry Pi 5 won’t be released in 2023, but there’s a good reason

The Raspberry Pi 5 will not hit the market right away. After 18 months of availability in dribs and drabs for his single-board PCs, the boss of the Raspberry Pi Foundation explains that he immediately prefers the influx of sufficient stocks for existing models.

The Raspberry Pi 4, for illustration // Source: Frandroid

We don’t want people on a waiting list. We want people to wake up in the morning, crave a Raspberry Pi, and get one by 9am the next morning. », This is what Eben Upton, CEO of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, explained on Monday in an interview with ExplainingComputers. And that’s why the Raspberry Pi 5 isn’t ready to see the light of day yet.

After 18 months of shortages and sometimes very limited supplies (result in particular of an arbitration aimed at serving professionals and industrial partners as a priority, to the detriment of Mr. and Mrs. Everyone), the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced the last week reserve a hundred thousand of its Raspberry Pi Zero W, Pi 3A+ and Pi 4 (in 2 and 4 GB versions) exclusively for retail sale from the usual distributors.

The idea? Make amends with individuals after months of shortages. But in return, the launch of the Raspberry Pi 5 will have to wait.

2023, a “recovery year” for the Raspberry Pi Foundation

As the Rasbperry Pi foundation explains in his press release, production and deliveries should gradually increase in the coming months to return to a pre-crisis level by the 3rd quarter of 2023… at least if the Chinese health situation does not once again hamper these forecasts at an industrial level. . Eben Upton describes in any case the year 2023 which promises to be a “recovery year“. The interested party wishesletspend a year before thinking about introducing anything [de nouveau]…spend a year recovering from what just happened to us», Reports Ars Technica.

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For Eben Upton, launching a Raspberry Pi in 2023 that could not be produced in sufficient quantities, or that would vampirize the production capacity reserved for other models in the range would be purely and simply “a desaster“. The head of the foundation adds that he and his teams will have to “be very careful about how we plan to move forward“, presumably in order to avoid hassles of supply which could benefit even more the competition.

Because in the absence of sufficient stocks for the various Raspberry Pi, many users have opted, for lack of anything better, for the many alternatives that have been installed on the market in recent years. The Raspberry Pi Foundation knows this… and therefore plays it safe.

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The Raspberry Pi 5 won’t be released in 2023, but there’s a good reason

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