The perfume mobile application, Perfumist is betting on affiliation

Perfumist is fine-tuning its economic model. The perfume app with more than 2 million claimed downloads which, like Tinder, matches the user with their ideal fragrance, will trigger a new growth lever, that of affiliation. An additional line of resources for the mobile application born in 2017 in Grasse, which is neither positioned as a price comparison nor as a marketplace. “It’s not a Yuka from perfumery either, says its founding director, Frederick Besson. It is not a question of handing out bonus points, but of advising people independently, helping them to make the right choice of perfumes for themselves or for their loved ones, wherever they are.“.

Orient the consumer

Initially focused on helping sellers, Perfumist pivoted part of its business model in favor of the Covid crisis and developed advice tools, this time allowing consumers to be directly guided in the environment where they is located. On-line and off-line. “Our app is based on the olfactory, only on the olfactory. However, it is impossible to smell online, which means that in the majority of cases the purchase of a perfume turns into a re-purchase when the offer is plethoric. Few take the risk of being wrong, even more when it comes to a gift, which represents 50% of the market“. Hence the interest, according to the manager, of this digital assistant which today equips around a hundred online sales sites: a sort of personalized adviser who, depending on a selected perfume, informs about its olfactory universe and the fragrances available on the platform that come close.”We are thus able to transform 10% of re-purchases“, he says. Perfumist is remunerated according to a “pay for search” model.

From crossroads to the Samaritaine

For physical sites, the idea is identical. In the form of a QR Code to be scanned, the web app interacts with the store’s department and automatically suggests the fragrance that most closely matches its profile. The young shoot claims to date more than 200 retail partners equipped with this tool, including the Carrefour stores in Antibes and Montesson, and from January some department stores such as La Samaritaine. “We want to be everywhere where perfume is sold, from mass distribution to selective perfumery chains“.

From data to affiliation

The objective now is to go further by adding an affiliation brick. It must be said that the Perfumist app, available in 42 languages, is aimed at a community of more than 2 million users in 220 countries. This, through the use of anonymized data, gives it an informed view of market developments and trends that interest the major players in the sector. It is now a matter of putting this community in contact with partner stores, in exchange for a commission on the perfume purchased, and thus transforming the physical flow generated by ringing and stumbling.

This affiliation brick will be one of the new features offered by the next version of the app, more design, gamified and more advanced on the community aspect. A new creation of value expected for 2023 and on which the company intends to rely to strengthen its network of partner retailers, particularly in the United States and China, and reach 10 million users.

Crowdfunding operation

In the meantime, it will be a question of closing the crowdfunding operation launched at the beginning of December on the crowdfunding platform Crowdcube. The objective is to raise a minimum of 350,000 euros. “We want to give our community the opportunity to be part of this story before opening others.“. Any others?”There is Netflix for the eyes, Shazam for the ears, what about the nose? With Perfumist, we see that perfume finds its place, as well as room fragrance. However, there are other categories of products based on the olfactory, therefore other interesting playgrounds“, concludes the manager. Perfumist has 12 people and is aiming for a million euros in turnover by the end of the 2023 financial year.