The mobile version of Apex Legends is the Battle Royale that will blow everything

Apex Legends Mobile is finally available worldwide on iOS and Android. After rumors started in 2019, Electronic Arts had confirmed that a mobile version ofApex Legends would see the light of day, in the manner of Call of Duty Mobile.

Respawn’s Battle Royale, published by Electronic Arts, and very popular on PC and consoles, finally unfolds in an amazing mobile version, on May 17, 2022. Apex Legends Mobile is now available in all global markets including France, USA, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines and India. To celebrate the launch of its game and its season 1, the developers have published a new trailer.

Apex Legends Mobile // Source: Mobile Game

As indicated by his name, Apex Legends Mobile was designed for smartphones. Our first impressions are very good, which reminds us of a certain Call of Duty Mobile released in 2019. Who would have thought?

The game takes the basics, but adds new features

In Apex Legends Mobile, the basic concept remains the same. The only difference is that the games start on a single map, World’s Edge. In this map, 60 players in teams of three jump from the ship and compete to be the last surviving team.

Apex Legends Mobile comes with the mode of Battle Royale standard, as well as the death match team-based, arenas, and other cool new modes to get started. There is also an extensive collection of weapons that players of the title on PC or console are familiar with.

The new character, Fade

The game includes some of the most popular Legends fromApex, including Wraith, Pathfinder and Mirage, but also a first legend exclusive to the mobile version, namely Fade. Much like Wraith, this new Legend can wield Phase Shift technology using a mysterious Simulacrum Suit he found while hunting for clues. It allows Fade to return to phase to a previous location and capture enemies in a vacuum for a short time (ultimate skill). We don’t yet know if Respawn plans to add any more exclusive Legends to PC and console games, but it’s highly likely that they will.

A Call of Duty Mobilebut better

From the launch ofApex Legends Mobile, we feel that it was designed specifically for touch screens, while keeping the original essence of the game. The controls are almost the same and we quickly get back on our feet to run, jump, slide, shoot and above all set up its strategy. If you’re still a novice, don’t worry, because Respawn has provided several tutorials to take things in hand and tame the sumptuous beast as soon as the game launches.

Graphically accomplished, Apex Legends Mobile is visually very pleasing, like a Call of Duty Mobile when it was released in 2019, which had already impressed the gallery. We feel that the latest smartphone and tablet technologies are exploited to their climax. Efforts have been made to keep gameplay buttons to a minimum so as not to interfere with the action.

Apex Legends Mobile // Source: Screenshot
Screenshot : Apex Legends Mobile

Controls and gameplay in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends is not known for its ease of use. Among all Battle Royale it is one of the most difficult. On this mobile version, precise timing and proper use of weapons and skills is a delicate balance to strike, and on a small screen with tiny text and touch controls that force your thumbs to cover the entirety of the smartphone or tablet. , things are even more complicated and the spacing between the buttons more difficult.

However, cross-play with console and PC players is not possible. Mobile version multiplayer only works on Android and iOS. Bots will be very useful to reduce waiting times, if you are looking for a game. At the moment, the balance between bots and real players seems pretty decent, especially if you’ve just learned the basics of the game, as this mobile version is just as complicated as the original on PC and consoles.

What’s a shame is that the game offers the option to support physical controllers in the settings, yet none of its Android or IOS specific controllers work (via Bluetooth or USB-C). Only Xbox and PlayStation controllers are supported.

Screenshot: Buttons // Source: Apex Legends Mobile

If you are brave enough to face the challenge, and want to take a look for yourself to make up your own mind about the game, you can download Apex Legends Mobile on the Play Store Where App Store right now.

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The mobile version of Apex Legends is the Battle Royale that will blow everything

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