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android has tons of excellent third-party launcher apps that allow users to customize their smartphone however they want. One of the best things about Android is its customization options, and using a custom launcher is one of the easiest ways to get started. Although there are several third-party launchers, not all of them are versatile enough to offer unique features and functions without affecting the performance and battery life of the phone.

While many Android users already use third-party launchers or are at least familiar with the concept, not everyone may know what they are. A launcher is basically a home screen app that displays apps, widgets, and other shortcuts on the device. Unlike iPhone users who are stuck with the home screen UI offered by Apple, Android users can easily change this by installing a third-party launcher without having to root their device or install a ROM. personalized.

One of the oldest and best third party launchers is Nova Launcher. It offers great customization options, is light on system resources, and supports theme packs. Moreover, most of the features are free and it is no problem to upgrade to the “Pro” version. There are also no ads in the free version to spoil the experience. The app is also often updated with new features and fixes, making it one of the first apps that many users install on their new Android smartphones.

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Apex is another notable launcher app that has been a favorite of longtime Android users. It comes with its own free icon packs, a host of theme packs, and a host of other features that make it one of the best and proven launchers out there. Again, the free version offers most of the must-have features, while the paid version comes with all the bells and whistles. Another interesting application in the segment is the Niagara Launcher, which has made a name for itself in a relatively short time. It came out of beta in 2021 but quickly became a fan favorite, thanks to its minimalist look.

The penultimate launcher on this list is the Hyperion Launcher, which comes from the team behind the popular Substratum theme engine and offers a clean and uncluttered Pixel launcher-like experience. It is highly customizable and offers most of its features for free. However, custom gestures and a few other features for power users can only be unlocked with the paid version. Finally, there’s Lawnchair 2, which is another great launcher for people looking for a standard Android experience. However, it does not support gesture navigation, which might be a deal breaker for some.

The Play Store is filled with third-party launcher apps designed for specific use cases. Some even allow users to change the appearance of a device to emulate devices from other brands. One such launcher is the Microsoft Launcher, which comes with a customizable newsfeed and a plethora of features for users who often connect their Android device to their Windows PC. There is even a launcher for android users who really want an iPhone – Launcher iOS 15 mimics Apple’s iOS 15, down to the lock screen, control center, animations, wallpapers, and widgets.

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The best third-party launcher apps on Android – CNET

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