The 15 best special applications for skiing and winter sports

As winter temperatures are slowly settling in France, it’s time to see what the App Store has to offer in the field of winter sports apps. This is the opportunity to update this special “snow” file.

Let’s see together how the iPhone can be useful with a selection of apps and games to take in your down jacket on the slopes or in the resort.

Before leaving

12 Min Ski Workout Slopes Fit

To be sure not to hurt yourself, you might as well prepare well. This is exactly what this application offers. A complete training program to get in shape at the foot of the slopes and avoid all or almost all injuries. Don’t wait any longer to get started!

Departure and skiing in resort

To make your holiday journey more enjoyable, the editorial team has worked hard to offer you a special application folder to use on the holiday journey.

Slope conditions and weather

This is an app that will be very useful to all skiers who would like to be reassured about the weather at the top of the slopes of the resort of interest. land webcams, featured here, allows you to have a visual and weather overview of several thousand places around the world, via webcams. Many ski resorts are particularly present. Nothing better to see if the sun is shining or under the grayness is in order on the slopes.

On Tracks

Skiinfo Ski & Snow

Here, simplicity is key, yet the information is particularly comprehensive. Very well rated, the Skiinfo app offers the snow conditions of many resorts in France and around the world. In addition, it is possible to consult the comments of those who are already there.

4Riders Skiing

Here is an app that seduces by its concept, but also by its cartographic background. As we saw it in this article, it offers for many stations (but not all), a cartography reproduced in 3D, with the slopes and the lifts. It allows you to find your bearings, but also to follow your tribe. It also indicates the routes to find friends or family. Very nice realization, to test on the spot!

Mountain Live

To add a little more fun to the descents, here is the Mountain Live application. In addition to measuring performance, she offers to challenge her friends and climb to the top of the world rankings by earning badges or participating in the various events offered. In short, something to add a little spice to your ski holiday, while remaining careful! The app also keeps up to date with weather conditions, snow information and the opening of slopes for more than 200 resorts.


For those who love skiing and want to know everything about their performance, this is an application to have. Slopes can record speed, distance traveled, number of jumps, time in the air…

Ski tracks

Not really pretty in its presentation, to say the least, but effective. This application is dedicated to the practice of skiing and snowboarding. Like Runtastic, it will memorize the route and calculate: the maximum speed, the distance traveled, the altitude, etc. It also stores photos taken on tracks and streams music from the iPhone library. It also offers an extension for the Apple Watch, one of the few to integrate this function, which is nevertheless very practical on the slopes!

The resorts of the Alps

Small and large stations have their own iPhone application. Here are a few: the list is not exhaustive, so feel free to type the name of your station on the App Store!

Developed on almost the same model for each station, these specific applications are rich in information: interactive map of the slopes with opening and closing of the slopes and ski lifts in real time, geolocation on the domain, webcams and weather, but also restaurants of altitude, aid stations and even, because it can always be used, the toilets!

It will also be possible to easily find your friends and arrange to meet them on the slopes thanks to the “T Where?” feature. The “Myski” feature will allow you to record your performance during the day (distance travelled, elevation gain, maximum speed, etc.). Augmented reality to know the name of the peaks and practical and tourist information are also available.

It’s up to you to do your shopping according to your holiday destination:

And in the Pyrenees

Also in the Pyrenees, resorts have an iPhone application. Here are a few.

The snowy games

For those who don’t have the chance to go on winter vacation, to rest in the evening after an intensive day of descent, or even to wait while waiting to put on their skis, here are games with a sliding and snow.

Ski Safari 2

Descend snowy slopes seen in 3D, on skis or snowboard, while jumping, flying and trying to avoid the many obstacles. Fast, fun and addictive, this game is a success, it is not expensive and is intended for young players, but also for older ones. Playable in local multiplayer up to 4 players.

Alto’s Adventure

Infinite racing game in which the player embodies a snowboarder who must go as far as possible avoiding obstacles, performing tricks and collecting rewards along the way, all through magnificent scenery.

In 2016, it was the first game to take advantage of the haptic feedback of the latest iPhones. More information can be found here.

Also find its sequel, Alto’s Odyssey, which did not fail to seduce us, as seen here.

But also

By the way… Do you use or plan to use these apps on the slopes? There are of course others, do not hesitate to report them and share your opinions in the comments! – Official App

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The 15 best special applications for skiing and winter sports

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