The 11 Best iPhone Screen Lock Widgets for Fitness

In iOS 16, you can take greater control of all your iPhone lock screen elements. Besides adding widgets to your home screen, you can also stick them to your lock screen. This makes it easy to see key information from a wide variety of apps without even having to unlock your phone.

That’s great news if you don’t want to be distracted by picking up your phone during your workout or race. Lock screen widgets will help you access information at a glance while on the go and keep you focused on your exercise. Here are the fitness widgets that deserve a spot on your iPhone lock screen.

1. Apple Fitness

Apple’s built-in Fitness app is the obvious choice for one of your lock screen widgets. All widgets come in square, circular, or rectangular tiles, and if you choose the smaller options, you can fit four different icons into the bar.

The square Apple Fitness widget displays the familiar activity rings, letting you see your progress toward the day’s goals at a glance. The rectangular tile offers the same information in more detail, with stats displayed instead.

Download : Apple Fitness (Free)

2. Gentler Streak

Gentler Streak is a gorgeous app that perfectly complements Apple Fitness. It measures and tracks your activity while giving you active rest and recovery sessions to help you stay in top shape.

The lock screen widget for Gentler Streak is available in two square or rectangular tiles. One shows your activity status and tells you whether you’re working hard enough or going too far. The other, Go Gentler, shows your most optimal daily action. You’ll see if it’s a day off right from your lock screen.

Download : Gentler Streak (Free, subscription available)

3. Fitness view

Fitness View is a tracking app that helps you analyze and track your activity data stored in Apple Health. It offers a widget (for Premium subscribers only) that allows you to display personalized fitness data, such as activity goals, on your lock screen. You can set it up as a square or rectangular widget, and it’s a nice complement to Apple’s built-in Fitness app.

Download : Fitness View (Subscription required, free trial available)

4. Best Personal Outcome

Personal Best is another app that syncs with your Apple workout data and presents information about your workouts in an accessible format, encouraging you to break your records. The app offers several useful widgets, including two lock screen widgets. One displays information about your most recent workout, and the other combines data from your most recent workouts to give a more accurate view of your exercise trends.

Download : Personal Best (Free, subscription available)

5. Smart Gym

One for gym-goers, SmartGym lets you track your progress as you move through your gym, making it easy to log and manage all your workouts. Again, it syncs with Apple Health, and the six different lock screen widgets provide everything you might need for quick access to your exercise plan.

Workout graphs, heart rate, and active calories are some of the metrics you might use, but you’ll probably install the Up Next widget to see at a glance what’s next.

Download : SmartGym (Free, subscription available)

6. CardioBot

CardioBot is a heart rate monitoring app that takes data captured by your Apple Watch and helps you understand and interpret its patterns, leading you towards a healthier lifestyle.

A Heart Points widget is available on your lock screen to give you a Heart Points score and access your heart data dashboard.

Download : CardioBot (Free, subscription available)

7. Overcast weather

Overcast, one of the most powerful podcast players out there, quickly adapted its excellent app for the iPhone lock screen. You can choose from three different widgets:

  • We launch the application.
  • Another plays a playlist of your choice.
  • A third rectangular widget shows recent episodes.

The Recents widget gives you quick access to playing a podcast or launching a podcast that has just been published. If you don’t need the lock screen feature or want to explore other options, check out our list of free podcast players to consider.

Download : Overcast (Free, subscription available)

8. Carrot Time

Forecasting the weather with humor and a touch of sarcasm, Carrot Weather is one of the best weather apps you can download. If you exercise outdoors, like biking, running, or surfing, this award-winning app is essential.

Carrot Weather offers many more lock screen widgets than most other apps, with 18 different choices. The app even offers a custom button, which lets you combine the data points you want to see. Everything is covered, from air quality to tide times, and yes, you can choose to have jokes. Some widgets require a premium subscription.

Download : Carrot Weather (Free, subscription available)

9. Waterminder

Drinking water is such a vital part of your well-being that it’s a great idea to install a hydration reminder app, such as Waterminder, to make sure you’re drinking enough water while you’re on the go. exercise and throughout the rest of the day.

If you’re one of those distracted souls who go hours without a drink, Waterminder’s lock screen widget will be especially useful. It tracks your hydration progress against the goals you set in the app, and there’s also a tile you can tap to quickly log a drink.

Download : Waterminder (Free, subscription available)

10. Motivation

Sometimes you need a word of encouragement to keep you going if a workout turns out to be tough. The Motivation app is a positive self-affirmation tool that delivers short, inspirational messages when you need them. You might need to see comforting words on your phone’s lock screen, so install the Motivation widget on your lock screen and see if that helps.

Download : Motivation (Free, in-app purchases available)

11. Launcher

If your favorite app doesn’t yet offer a lock screen widget, you can set one up using a custom widget app like Launcher. Launcher lets you configure your own widgets for both your home screen and your lock screen. The possibilities are nearly endless, since you can set up a widget for your favorite exercise app, timer, or entertainment source.

Download : Launcher (Free, in-app purchases available)

Set up your perfect fitness lock screen

With iOS 16, you can now easily access a host of tools that will help you exercise, track your progress, check your heart rate, remind you to hydrate, and even receive text messages. of motivation. Your iPhone won’t do the workout for you, but the lock screen widgets will make it easier to stay focused and only look at your device for the essential information rather than getting distracted.

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The 11 Best iPhone Screen Lock Widgets for Fitness

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