Tarbes. Electronics, household appliances: the repair boom

More and more individuals are repairing their electronic devices or household appliances instead of changing them. But repairers, who are too rare, are beginning to overwhelm with requests.

In the concept of sustainable development, the important word, we often forget, is “sustainable”. However, today, electronic devices or household appliances are less and less durable… However, repairers ensure that there is a way to repair them, instead of throwing them away before replacing them. “Of course”, almost gets carried away Elhou Zahiri, who runs a repair shop specializing in electronics (telephones, televisions, computers), rue du Petit Foirail in Tarbes, “the problem is that people have taken the habit of throwing away without thinking. Not long ago I went to the dump and looked at what had been dropped off. I saw a PC that looked new, I asked When I got it back, I plugged it in, it worked! That said, it’s true that we have more and more repair requests.” And it works again? “In the majority of cases, of course, even if for certain recent products, it is difficult to find the components.”


Jean-Claude Poublan believes that there is “an awareness”

Avenue de la Marne, Jean-Claude Poublan has been established for 23 years. In his shop/workshop, he also repairs more and more washing machines, refrigerators, and other ovens. “Yes, there is a trend that is not new, and which was undoubtedly accentuated during the Covid pandemic. I have since had a new clientele, younger, who did not come before. And if of course , the economic side is important, a repair costs less than buying a new device, I think there is an awareness of the need to throw away less.” And to add that everything can be repaired, whether the device is recent, that is to say less than 5 years old, or whether it is 20 years old.

At DMA, Fabrice Adoue and Nathalie Claverie believe that repair is now "entrance into morals"

At DMA, Fabrice Adoue and Nathalie Claverie believe that repairs have now “entered into morality”

Which is not quite the opinion of Fabien Adoue, the manager of DMA, avenue des Sports in Séméac. “For some brands, when it comes to an electronic problem, the boards are now wrapped in resin, you can’t change a single component anymore, you have to change the block.” Obviously, the price is no longer the same… “But it remains marginal, we still manage to repair. And yes, now that you say it, we have noted an upsurge in repair requests, especially during confinement. that the stores were closed, and that after the delays for new devices were long, many turned to repair. And they got a taste for it, apparently. This is also the opinion of Laurent Roma, whose workshop and shop “A’Tout Dépanne” have been established for 1 year at the entrance to the Bel Air city. “Before, I did that in my garage or almost, in Saint-Martin. So, as the demand is there… And then, you have to know that we manage to repair 80% of breakdowns, which are often benign. ” Especially on recent devices, the quality is not what it used to be…

Laurent Roma assures us: "80% of breakdowns are repairable"

Laurent Roma assures him: “80% of breakdowns are repairable”

All these professionals, who also provide home repairs, and always make quotes (free if the repair is carried out) note, however, that the profession had somewhat disappeared. “There was a time when people threw away without thinking. Now, before throwing away, they try to see if it’s possible to fix it.” It’s good for the sector, and good for the planet…

A bonus of 25 €

As was the case for the repair of bicycles, the State offers a repair aid bonus. Not huge, it’s only 25 €, but it’s still taken. Except that the device is a bit convoluted: first, the professional must be approved “Qualirépar”, and it is he who incurs the costs. Indeed, the €25 discount is applied to the invoice and it is the professional who must take the steps to be reimbursed. “It’s complicated, we don’t have time to take care of the paperwork”, they underline with a beautiful ensemble, “nor to pass the approval. In our opinion, it is reserved for certain large structures , we have our customers, and we are all fair on the prices.” A bonus that is useless?

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Tarbes. Electronics, household appliances: the repair boom

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