Special Black Friday 2022 mobile plan: These crazy promotions are valid for LIFE!

Promotions of madness on the occasion of Black Friday are offered this year by virtual operators. You can indeed turn to the MVNOs Reglo Mobile, Lebara Mobile, YouPrice or even Cdiscount Mobile to make great savings on your telephone subscription and not just the first year. Bouygues Telecom also played the game with the launch of two new B&You Black Edition plans; If you were waiting for Black Friday to pay less for your mobile plan, don’t miss these good deals detailed in the rest of this article!

80 GB at €9.99/month: The YouPrice promo!

The operator YouPrice puts forward a Le First limited series for Black Friday. This special non-binding offer is valid until November 27 inclusive. This YouPrice package has the particularity of adapting each month to your internet consumption and works on the Orange or SFR network as desired. This phone package from 80 GB to 130 GB starts at only €9.99 per month and not just for the first year. The 80 to 130 GB included each month are valid up to 4G in metropolitan France with the possibility of activating 5G by adding the 5G option at €5 per month. The web volume authorized when traveling in Europe and overseas departments is 16GB per month. In terms of communications, you will also have the possibility of calling and sending SMS/MMS at will in France, from the overseas departments and from the EU.

The Black Friday 40 GB limited series at €5.99 from Lebara Mobile

The virtual operator Lebara Mobile pulled out all the stops! Until December 5 inclusive, this MVNO markets three limited series at low prices on the occasion of Black Friday. The first package and the cheapest, the one that interests us here is offered at only €5.99 per month without a price increase after one year. With this offer, customers will have a Web envelope of 40GB up to 4G on the number 1 network in France, namely Orange. They will also be able to call unlimited and exchange SMS without counting in France to metropolitan numbers. Good to know, the other two Black Friday packages from Lebara Mobile offer more internet with 100GB and 200GB are respectively €9.99 and €13.99 per month.

40GB Black Friday Lebara Package

Reglo Mobile: a 40 GB phone subscription for €7.95/month

Reglo Mobile also offers a special Black Friday package with 40GB of data at just €7.95 per month with no time limit. With this Reglo Mobile offer, you will therefore benefit from 40 GB of data in mainland France on SFR’s 4G network. In addition, 8 GB of data is authorized from overseas and from the EU. Moreover, if you opt for this cheap mobile subscriptionyou will be able to call and send unlimited SMS/MMS in France, from overseas and from the European Union.

promo reglo mobile

Bouygues Telecom offers two Black Friday packages for this 2022 edition until November 28 inclusive. The first is offered at only €4.99 per month and includes a mini web envelope of 500MB. The second includes 100GB at a price of €15.99 per month with the first month free. These two formulas with no time commitment include unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France and from the EU and overseas departments.

B&You 500 MB Black Friday package

For Web uses, you can therefore consume 500MB in mainland France, EU and DOM with theB&You offer for less than €5. With the 24/24 package with 100GB and one month free, you will therefore have a 100GB Web envelope in France, including 20GB of data from the French overseas departments and from the EU.

B&You Black Friday Package 100 GB

The 100 GB mega plan from Cdiscount Mobile at €12.99/month with 2 months free

At the house of Cdiscount Mobile, get a 100GB mobile plan during Black Friday at the fixed price of €12.99 per month with the first two months as a bonus. This offer, available until November 28 inclusive, allows you to take advantage of all your apps from your smartphone without counting, thanks to the 100GB that can be used in France on Bouygues Telecom’s 4G network. You can also consume up to 12GB on the Bouygues Telecom network whether from the overseas departments or from the EU. With its unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, in mainland France, from the overseas departments and from the European Union, this unlimited mobile plan should also convince you.

promo Cdiscount 100GB package 2 months free

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Special Black Friday 2022 mobile plan: These crazy promotions are valid for LIFE!

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