Siri: how to add a family link to a contact with the application?

Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, lets you remember all sorts of things, and even delegate certain tasks, like sending a message or turning off your alarm clock. If you already knew that Siri could, on command, call someone close to you, you may not have been aware of the possibility of associating a family link with their full name. We show you how to access this function, which is easy to set up.

You are driving your car, having lunch, or writing and your hands are full. To avoid having to type on your smartphone during the phases when you are busy with a completely different activity, Siri, Apple’s intelligent voice assistant, allows you to delegate certain daily micro-tasks. We already knew that Siri made it possible to cast Harry Potter-style spells, or to help an iPhone owner find the exact location of his car. But did you know that thanks to Siri, you can define all the members of your family by their filial status, for a more fluid and intuitive voice command? In other words: how to contact family members more easily? The answer is simple; you just have to let Siri know what filiation binds you with such or such contact. Explanations.

Communicate certain information to Siri

The Cupertino company has planned a very specific way to contact a member of your family more quickly and instinctively. For example, by asking for “Face Time with my brother”, instead of “Face Time with Hugo” (if your brother is called Hugo), Apple’s voice command can, by simply configuring it, understand that the name “Hugo”, corresponds to your brother. To do this, you must first inform Siri about the filial link you have with a person. For example, you can say in one sentence the nature of your relationship with a contact. By formulating it this way: “Hey Siri, Hugo Bertrand is my brother” or “Hey Siri, Jacqueline Bertrand is my mother”. After communicating to Siri the information you want to share about a member of your family (surname, birthday, personal address, professional address, etc.), all you have to do is say this type of sentence, which will be recorded:

  • “Hey Siri, what’s my brother’s work address?”
  • “Tell Siri, where does my cousin Antoine live?”
  • “Hey Siri, call my sister”

There you go, Siri is now able to respond to requests made out loud about your family members, based on the data previously entered into your iPhone.

Siri can also change the pronunciation of a loved one’s name

Some surnames and first names are not easy to pronounce, since there are, depending on the country, different pronunciations of the same letter, or even of the same word. But then, how do you give Apple’s voice command application (Siri) the keys so that it doesn’t scratch the name of your loved ones? In reality, nothing very complicated, just follow these few steps:

  • Open the “Contacts” section,
  • Touch the contact card,
  • Tap on “Edit”, scroll down,
  • Touch “add a field”,
  • Select a name pronunciation field,
  • Enter the exact pronunciation of the name.

To add a pronunciation to any of your contacts, go directly to “Contact”, then see “Edit contacts on iPhone”.

Source : Apple

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Siri: how to add a family link to a contact with the application?

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