ShopSystem: 100% French, thin and discreet iPhone cases πŸ“

Are you looking for a minimalist case to protect your iPhone to buy for the holidays? Today we present to you the products of ShopSystem, a French brand that specializes in the design of thin and discreet shells, dedicated not to distort the design of the iPhone.

Affording an iPhone case is not very complicated. Finding a thin and discreet one that does not distort your smartphone is another story. And made in France, what’s more? Not easy.

Yet this is what offers you ShopSystem. The Lyon team has been working for 14 years to design fine and well thought out protection, which we had the opportunity to try on an iPhone 13.

We will mention two of their flagship products that we appreciated: the ORIGINAL shell which lets the Apple logo appear and the PHANTOM shell, the same, but in a transparent version which does not yellow. Other models exist, like the INVISIBLE shell and the DANA shell.

Thin and discreet cases from iPhone 8 to iPhone 14 Pro Max from €19.99

THE ORIGINAL, sober and elegant

The first case we tested is the ORIGINAL, a thick shell of only 0.33 mm. It is much less than those found at low prices on the Internet, in addition to being designed and manufactured in France.

The ORIGINAL shell is made of polypropylene, with laser cutting. The edges are thin and precise, the texture is matte and the grip is pleasant. In use, you have the feeling of having almost no shell on your smartphone.

1671733496 927 ShopSystem 100 French thin and discreet iPhone cases
1671733496 367 ShopSystem 100 French thin and discreet iPhone cases

The camera module on the back is protected by a small border, an asset for such a thin shell. In the event of a fall, the glass of the lenses, the objectives and the flash will therefore be protected. Note that by adding 3D tempered glass, the void created by this border will be filled.

Apart from the full matte black color, the shell, which has no distinctive signs or logos, reveals the apple logo on the back. Note that it is compatible with wireless charging and with the MagSafe charger. Several colors are available, matte black, full matte black, alpine blue, matte blue, white, pink and green.

The PHANTOM, in complete transparency

ShopSystem’s second flagship model, the shell PHANTOM looks very similar to the ORIGINAL, the only difference being that it is designed with a transparent polymer with an oleophobic anti-scratch coating. It is made of TR90, a plastic material found in particular in the arms of certain glasses.

1671733497 293 ShopSystem 100 French thin and discreet iPhone cases
1671733497 253 ShopSystem 100 French thin and discreet iPhone cases

This material ensures that it does not yellow, β€œeven after several years of use”. A defect that can be found on cheap hulls online. The case protects the camera module on the back of your iPhone with a small border and remains MagSafe compatible.

INVISIBLE and DANA, to properly protect your iPhone

SystemShop also offers the INVISIBLE shell and the DANA shell, two solid shells designed in flexible and transparent silicone. Despite their robustness, the two shells are also compatible with MagSafe and wireless charging.

1671733497 306 ShopSystem 100 French thin and discreet iPhone cases

The INVISIBLE shell is 0.77 mm thick and the DANA, for once, is a shockproof shell designed and studied to protect the iPhone against falls, shocks and impacts, in TR90 nylon.

Note that ShopSystem offers other products to keep your precious object safe, including two models of tempered glass that we have also tested.

One is in “3D” with black borders that fill the sides of the iPhone screen with rounded edges, at 29.99 euros including tax. The other tempered glass is “2.5 D” and only covers the part of your screen that lights up, not the ends, which will not be protected, at 19.99 euros including tax. Here too, tempered glasses are available from iPhone 8 to iPhone 14 Pro Max.

1671733497 219 ShopSystem 100 French thin and discreet iPhone cases

Made in France cases delivered to your home in 2 to 3 days!

With ShopSystem, delivery is free in two to three days, returns within 14 days under conditions. The products are shipped from Lyon.

  • The ORIGINAL is an ultra-thin case 0.33 mm thick which has a matte texture. It is available in several colors. It protects the iPhone from scratches and daily wear and tear.
  • The PHANTOM is identical to the ORIGINAL in every respect (same finesse, same cutouts, same finishes). The only difference is in color and texture (the PHANTOM is transparent and smooth).
  • The INVISIBLE is ShopSystem’s best compromise between finesse and protection. It is a transparent soft silicone case of 0.55 mm (up to 77 mm thick depending on the iPhone model). It protects the iPhone from falls.
  • The DANA is a 1 mm thick shockproof shell that can absorb shocks up to 2.5 m in height, thanks to its various protection technologies.

πŸ‘‰ I look at the thin and discreet shells of ShopSystem

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ShopSystem: 100% French, thin and discreet iPhone cases πŸ“

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