Shared electronic archiving for the Hauts-de-Seine and Yvelines communities


Town hall of Versailles (78). From 2024, 295 towns in Hauts-de-Seine and Yvelines will be equipped with a shared electronic archiving solution. (Credit: wikimedia/Velvet)

The Syndicat Seine-et-Yvelines Numrique called on the publisher Xelians and its shared electronic archiving solution X-AM to bring together in one place all the administrative documents of local authorities and public establishments for the Hauts-de-France departments. Seine and Yvelines.

AdvertisingFollowing a public consultation and a €3 million call for tenders, the Syndicat Seine-et-Yvelines Numrique chose the X-AM solution from the French publisher Xelians to design a shared electronic archiving system (SAE) for the departments of Hauts-de-Seine (92) and Yvelines (78). The integrator Coexya will ensure the deployment. X-AM met the specifications established by the union, namely a scalable, secure and quick-to-use solution for users.

The Xelians Archives Management solution is a platform built around a Vitam open source heart, which aims to archive, manage the life cycle and preserve documents in a secure way. With the multi-tenant function, it makes it possible to compartmentalize the SAE by community and at the same time guarantees secure management of profiles and access as well as simplified administration of deposits, in bulk or unit, and searches. At the same time, X-AM makes it possible to control validation and control processing for all archives, intermediate and final. It should be noted that Xelians will also supply Seine-et-Yvelines Numrique ETL Xelians Data Hub, a document collection solution which automates the stages of transformation and uploading of all types of documents or digital data into the electronic archiving system.

6 million documents processed by 2024

By implementing Xelians’ X-AM solution, the aim of the Seine-et-Yvelines Numrique syndicate was to offer a solution that is economically accessible to communities of all sizes so that they have intermediate and definitive archives within a secure tool. , in line with the State’s desire to pool archiving services.

This project was co-financed by the two departments and the management of the project was delegated to Seine-et-Yvelines Numrique. Shared SAEs will be available for all local authorities in Hauts de Seine and Yvelines (295 towns, 4 territorial public establishments, 1 urban community, 4 urban communities, 5 communities of municipalities) and for public establishments that may be interested (SDIS, universities) from June 2024. X-AM will then process around 6 million documents from its start-up, then the syndicate is counting on an increase in the volume of documents indexed then archived up to 12 million in 2031, then 24 million by 2036.

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Shared electronic archiving for the Hauts-de-Seine and Yvelines communities

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