Seine-et-Marne: two nurses use technology to keep seniors at home

Okidom's promise: to allow seniors to stay at home thanks to home automation.
Okidom’s promise: to allow seniors in Seine-et-Marne to stay at home thanks to home automation. © Illustration / Adobe Stock

How to age well at home? This question, Julien and Sandrine Lourdelet, a couple of liberal nurses from Boutignynear Meaux, have been asking for many months. Drawing on their experience in the health sector, they have seen many elderly people let go after their placement in a retirement home.

“We had the opportunity to take care of seniors. We felt their distress, the fact of selling their house, their furniture, where they have all their memories, to go to a non-medical retirement home. So we asked ourselves what we could bring to these people,” explains Julien Lourdelet.

The nurse therefore decided to quit his job, train and create your businesswith the support of his wife, to putting technology at the service of people.

Okidom was born. The principle: to offer solutions to the elderly or people with reduced mobility using home automation to facilitate their daily lives and thus be able to stay at home. “It’s home support 2.0”. Even if the technologies sold by the company can very well integrate into the daily life of people without special needsbut with a desire for modernity.

Facilities adapted to everyone’s needs

Lighting management, security, remote home access, heating regulation, shutter control, etc. multiple solutions are proposed to maintain the autonomy of seniors. “The goal is to postpone entry into a retirement home as much as possible”. Julien and Sandrine Lourdelet listen to customers, to adapt the technology according to the pathology of the elderly person.

“We organize a first meeting with the senior on his daily life, and his fears, then we meet the family to find out how they want to help their eldest. Finally we visit the accommodation. We rely on our view as nurses to define the needs”. Solutions are then proposed to the families.

“We had the case of a person who falls a lot. It was proposed to install a locket with fall detection, a camera so that the family can see where the person is in the house, and a door unlocking system so that help can enter housing” they give as an example.

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The installations are also scalable, that is, they can change according to future needs. “Every problem has a solution! »

A desire to grow

But the arrival of technology in the daily life of these seniors has a cost. You have to count between 1,000 and 6,000 euros of installations. “But there are aids. Seniors can apply forpersonalized autonomy allowance and turn to their mutual or the Departmental House for People with Disabilities.

Today, Okidom is aimed at a fairly large audience, all over the Seine et Marne and all the Marl. The company, currently based at Cours Raoult in Meaux, also wishes open a showroom in the future, create a training center and why not, ddevelop its own components.

Okidom,, 01 64 33 44 82.

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Seine-et-Marne: two nurses use technology to keep seniors at home

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