Sales 2022: iPhone, 4K TV, laptop, our top promotions

SALES. The 2022 summer sales continue despite several stockouts. From the iPhone to the latest televisions and fashion items, the promotions are numerous.

Best sale products

The essential

The 2022 summer sales continue with new offers from many participants. One of the best promotions of the day comes from Amazon and its German version which offers the famous Google Pixel 6 phone at the attractive price of 441 euros! This represents more than 200 euros reduction compared to its base price while the phone is still cited as one of the leaders on the market.

The 2022 summer sales are expected to continue for nearly three more weeks. The first markdowns should also point the tip of their nose next Wednesday, and we will not fail to reveal the best new offers to you as soon as they are published! However, it will be necessary to be quick as some promotions do not last more than a few hours on the websites as the demand is high!

Please note that the prices displayed can quickly change depending on the news and the stocks available during the 2022 summer sales period.

The balances are generally marked by strong promotions. But some brands are not limited to simple price reductions, and also provide promo codes. The latter thus make it possible to benefit from even more attractive reductions on the products already concerned by the sales.

Rakuten continues to offer promo codes during the sales! Get 30 euros off all fan and air conditioner departments with codes COLD30 / HEAT30.


18:00 – A Xiaomi electric scooter for 150 euros less!

Fnac offers you an exclusive offer for the 2022 summer sales. The Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro2 electric scooter with a padlock and an extra tire is currently on promotion for the attractive price of 499.99 euros instead of its base price of 549.99 euros!

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17:37 – An external battery at a very low price

Boulanger offers many products on sale during the sales. Even those that are already not very expensive! This is the case of the Verbatim 10,000 mAh external battery, currently available with a price crossed out at 6.99 euros.

5:15 p.m. – The Redmi 9A for less than 100 euros for the 2022 summer sales

Need a new phone without sacrificing your budget? The summer sales are good! The Xiaomi Redmi 9A phone is currently on sale at Darty and offered at only 99 euros! A nice price for this phone that will satisfy many consumers.

16:52 – -20% on an external hard drive pack for the 2022 summer sales

Fnac offers many very interesting packs for the 2022 summer sales. In particular, there is a pack with a 2 TB external hard drive, a 16 GB USB key and a cover to store everything! A nice compilation now available at 79.99 euros.

16:29 – 200 euros less on a Panasonic camera pack

The summer sales also concern photography enthusiasts (or those who want to get into it!). The Panasonic Lumix G80 pack with a lens, a backup battery and a 16 GB SD card is on sale at Fnac. This lovely set is now offered at 799.99 euros instead of its base price of 999.99 euros.

16:01 – 300 euros in savings on this Dyson robot vacuum cleaner!

We rarely see such price drops, even during sales! The Dyson 360 Heurist robot vacuum is currently available at only 399 euros instead of its base price of 699 euros! Here’s how to clean your home efficiently and effortlessly, without sacrificing your budget.

15:44 – 10% off MacBook Air with 2022 sales

The 2022 summer sales also concern Apple products! Fnac offers a small reduction of 10% on the initial price of the MacBook Air with M1 chip! Take advantage of this powerful laptop for the nice price of 1289 euros for the sales.

15:12 – A Logitech wireless mouse on sale with a promo code

Boulanger has a special promo code available for the 2022 summer sales. Using the code THANKS15you will be able to benefit in particular from the superb wireless mouse Logitech MX Master 3 at the attractive price of 67 euros!

14:51 – The famous Stan Smiths at half price for the sales

Want to take advantage of the sales to find new shoes? Fall for a timeless classic with the famous Stan Smith pair, currently offered at half price at Amazon for the 2022 summer sales. Ranging from 35 to 38 for size, this reference is available up to 35 euros instead of its usual price of 70 euros!

14:22 – 110 euros less on this multifunction printer during the sales

Big price drop at CDiscount with this multifunction printer from Lexmark. The sales allow the brand to offer 110 euros reduction on the initial price of the machine, making it now available for the nice price of 169 euros!

14:12 – A smartphone + case + wireless headphones pack on sale

Need to change phone? CDiscount offers a very interesting pack during the sales with the Oppo Reno 6 phone, a suitable protective shell, and Oppo Enco Buds wireless headphones! Everything is now available at the low price of 386.99 euros for the summer sales!

Sales 2022 iPhone 4K TV laptop our top promotions

13:51 – A refrigerator on sale for the 2022 summer sales

Need to change refrigerator? Take advantage of the sales! Boulanger offers 150 euros reduction on a Samsung brand refrigerator. Ultra quiet, this product also has a freezer compartment to store your frozen products. A great find now offered at 649 euros.

13:23 – 150 euros less on a Weber electric barbecue during the sales

Boulanger offers you a nice offer for the summer sales. Get ready to cook tasty dishes with a Weber brand electric barbecue, on sale for 150 euros less than its usual price! Now offered at 299 euros for the sales, this barbecue can easily be used, since it only requires a plug to be put into operation.

12:56 – Sales are 30% off this excellent Logitech webcam

The sales continue on the side of Amazon. Find the Streamcam webcam from Logitech currently on sale at -30%! This pretty, easy-to-use reference for streaming or working in video is now available at only 69.99 euros.

12:29 – Many Funko POPs under 10 euros for the sales

Fnac celebrates the sales by offering many Funko POP figures and pins on sale. Whether it’s Star Wars, My Hero Academia, Justice League or Transformers, the references and availability are numerous with some figurines available at only 3 euros!


The date of the 2022 summer sales is set from Wednesday, June 22. The various offers proposed will thus be spread over four weeks with several markdowns proposed by the brands participating in the event.

These dates concern the majority of the departments of the country, but not all! Indeed, it is customary for the overseas departments, as well as the Moselle, to have staggered dates for their sales periods. Find all the dates a little further down in this article.

The 2022 summer sales will end on Tuesday July 19. The event will therefore take place over a total of four weeks, in order to allow consumers to take full advantage of the promotions available. However, these dates may vary according to certain departments, so do not hesitate to unroll this article a little more to be sure that you are concerned by the dates stated.

Sales will also be affected by several markdowns. The latter are at the discretion of the merchants, but are generally offered every week. The second week of sales usually represents the second markdown, and so on. These periods are ideal for finding both new and existing, but reinforced price drops.

Sales markdown dates are highly sought after. These periods generally correspond to the best deals. The participants in the event do not fail to propose new offers, or to reinforce those already existing with the 2nd and 3rd markdowns. These usually take place during the second and third week of the sales.

If the brands participating in the summer sales respect this tradition, the 2nd markdown of the sales will begin on June 29. The 3rd markdown will fall around July 6th. However, these decisions remain to be made according to the terms of each brand participating in the 2022 summer sales.

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Sales 2022: iPhone, 4K TV, laptop, our top promotions

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