Salaries for electronics trades increased in 2022 but…

What are the highest paying electronics jobs in France in 2022? In which sector of activity? In which region ? And, agonizing question, are you paid more or less than the average? The answers in the vast study conducted by the Khonexio recruitment firm, with more than 19,000 engineers, project managers and electronics directors.

For the third year in a row, Khonexio, a recruitment, consulting and expertise firm specializing in R&D, electronics, microelectronics and embedded systems, conducted a vast study in 2022 on salaries in the field of electronics and embedded systems in France.

The study of which David Hourdebaigt, its author, also founder of Khonexio, gives us the scoop here, was conducted among 19,084 people between October 10 and December 9, 2022, with profiles ranging from engineer to director, through the project manager, and all graduates with a bac+5 or more, which is the specialty of the recruitment firm Khonexio.

Credit: Khonexio

The study sifts through no less than 24 different business skills, both hardware and software, and lists for each of them an average salary expressed in gross annual euros, according to the number of years of experience (of the young graduate up to seniors with 20 years of experience or more) and located in the Paris region or in the provinces.

The tables in this study tell us, for example, that a young graduate is paid on average between 34,817 euros gross per year (average salary for a beginner engineer in testing and validation in the provinces) and 42,846 euros gross per year (salary average for a novice embedded Linux engineer in the Paris region). In 2021, this range was between 34,250 and 41,154 euros gross per year.

Overall, Khonexio’s 2022 study shows that salaries in the electronics professions continued to rise last year, but at a rate of less than 5%, therefore less than that of inflation. The five most promising business skills in terms of salary increase in 2022 were power electronics (+4.41% on average), electronic security (+3.38%), radiofrequencies/microwaves (+ 2.85%), testing and verification of integrated circuits (+2.30%) and analog electronics (+2.13%), but their growth was very modest compared to inflation. For all other business skills, the average salary increase did not exceed 2% in 2022.

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David Hourdebaigt, author of the study

The study also addresses the influence of the application sector on salary. Ten areas of electronics applications are thus reviewed, from the least profitable (automotive) to the most profitable (defence). We note, however, that the wage gap in these two outlets (12.8% on average against the automobile in 2022) has narrowed compared to2021 study (16%).

Similarly, the geographical criterion also impacts the salary of engineers, project managers and directors in electronics. Seven agglomerations or groups of agglomerations are thus reviewed in the study (Paris/Ile de France, Lyon/Grenoble, Nice, Marseille/Aix, Toulouse, Bordeaux and, new this year, Brest/Nantes/Rennes). While companies in Île de France remain the most generous in terms of salaries, the gap is tending to narrow compared to the provinces. This phenomenon had already been observed in the 2021 study by Khonexio due to the “exodus” of Ile-de-France residents in the region, a consequence of the Covid crisis.

We will come back in more detail, very soon, to this study and its main lessons with its author, David Hourdebaigt.

Find the full study by clicking on the account LinkedIn of Khonexio or on the ViPress special page.

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Salaries for electronics trades increased in 2022 but…

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