Rodez. The defendant refuses the electronic bracelet and prefers to return to prison

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Two “kids” aged 18 and 19 at the last court hearing in Rodez. One of the two who arrived with handcuffs will leave in the same way, in the shade, for three additional months to the sentence already served since he categorically refuses to wear an electronic bracelet.

They are 18 and 19 years old, the first appears free, the second is taken from his cell in Rodez prison and gets up, handcuffed, to answer questions from the president of the criminal court, Sylvia Descrozailles. The latter, who will be named Alex, winks at his girlfriend in the room but his criminal record does not speak of an altar boy. After 9 convictions by the children’s court, in particular for possession and drug use (he would have started his “mischief” from the age of 12) he is serving prison sentences with suspended probation since he has reoffended. “He was under probation but it went over his head,” said the public prosecutor, Bernard Salvador. And here he is at the helm of the criminal court since he has become an adult but, it seems, the bars and walls of the remand center finally make him realize the misdeeds he may have committed. He is appearing for 10 criminal acts, just for the year 2021, mainly including thefts and fires of vehicles, thefts and fraudulent use of bank cards, as well as thefts in stores (a chicken leg here, the drawer -cash there) and even a larceny at the town hall of Rodez (700 €). He even finds himself, curiously, in a nursing home car park one day at 6 a.m…. “I was there to steal, he will admit, at that time I was doing anything”. His sidekick, Julien (assumed first name) whom he elegantly tries to clear customs by specifying that he was following him, will also say, “alcoholic we do things that we regret… We wanted to commit thefts, it’s was a delirium. It’s the group effect…”

“Big Anything”

Opposite, the victims do not want to overwhelm these “children” but would still like to be compensated. Hubert Aoust, lawyer for one of them, insists on “damage to property” and would like “active repentance” and not just “promises”. For the prosecutor, “the previous sentences have not had a deterrent effect and the facts alleged today are of an undeniable gravity by their number”. The latter will also ask, for Alex, 30 months in prison, including 10 months in prison that cannot be converted and 8 months in prison suspended for the sidekick, Julien. The latter’s lawyer, Cédric Galandrin, admits “a period of great nonsense for his young client” but he pulled himself together. He found a job and he went back to live with his parents”. to have found himself “on the street at his majority”.

The thief at the checkout

When the latter apologizes to the victims and reiterates his difficulty living locked up in prison (“You had to think about it before” for the prosecutor), the president asks him very cleverly: “But what would push the court to trust you today?”, the response fuses: “Nothing!”. Sylvia Descrozailles, who hears the arguments of the lawyers and the young age of the defendants, also inquires whether he would be in favor of an electronic bracelet. But, on this, oddly or proudly, the young man in handcuffs is firm: “I refuse to wear an electronic bracelet with my companion and I prefer to stay in prison”. He will be heard beyond his hopes since the court sentences him to a warrant of committal and three months in prison which are therefore added to the sentence he is serving. It should therefore be released at the end of November. Under the influence of emotion, he does not seem to realize, asks for explanations, and the president of the court to drive the point home: “It is a soft application of the criminal law because the optics is the reintegration and the court intends to trust you. But you don’t seem to understand that the court is relatively lenient!”. He is also obviously condemned to reimburse his victims (for approximately a total of 10,000 euros) as well as to obligations of care with regard to his addiction to alcohol. His luck is that his girlfriend is waiting for him just like his employer who just suspended his contract. A supermarket manager who did not hesitate to give him a position at the cash desk…. As for the other young man, Julien, who seemed skeptical about doing community service, he was sentenced to a penalty of day-fines, i.e. €10 for 90 days.

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Rodez. The defendant refuses the electronic bracelet and prefers to return to prison

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