Red stamp, cold calling…, five things that change (also) on January 1, 2023

The new calendar year marks the entry into force of new rules. L’minimum wage increase and the end of single-use packaging in fast food restaurants mark the start of this new year in particular. It will also no longer be possible to buy red stamps to send a letter in twenty-four hours, to obtain the paper edition of the only Caledonian daily or even to be bothered by a number in 06 or 07 for canvassing… Here are five more anecdotal changes for this new year.

The degeography of fixed telephone numbers

Customers of fixed telephony operators will be able, on 1er January, keep their telephone number (beginning with 01, 02, 03, 04 or 05) in the event of moving to another area of ​​France. Thus, a resident of Lyon whose fixed telephone number begins with 04 and who moves to Rennes will be able to keep the area code.

A new fixed subscriber living in Rennes can also ask his operator that his number does not start with 02, explains the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications, Posts and Press Distribution (Arcep) in a note.

“Landline numbers overseas remain specific to each territory and any subscriber can move within his territory while keeping his number. On the other hand, it is still not possible to keep your landline number by moving to another overseas territory or to mainland France.adds Arcep.

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Disappearing red stamp priority letter

Households sent forty-five priority letters per year in 2010, compared to only five in 2021. Due to this collapse, The post office announced the disappearance of the red stamp, which promised delivery in one day. The sticker bearing the image of Marianne will give way to a formula called “red e-letter” for shipments on D + 1.

“For the specific needs of urgent shipments, such as to cancel a subscription, La Poste will offer the red e-letter, sent from until 8 p.m., printed by La Poste near the recipient, in compliance with confidentiality of the contents, and distributed the next day in an envelope bearing a red stamp design. » This service will cost 1.49 euros, compared to 1.43 euros for the current red stamp.

In addition, mail sent with a green stamp, the most used for daily mailings, will be delivered in three days instead of two. Their price will remain unchanged. It will also be offered in digital form.

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New Caledonia: the paper edition of the only local daily will disappear

The only local daily in the Oceanian archipelago, Caledonian News, will only be released digitally. The newspaper faces “a steady decline [de son] circulation, a doubling of the price of paper and a collapse of the advertising market”had explained to Agence France-Presse Yves Delauw, managing director of the Melchior group, owner of the newspaper.


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The daily will therefore be available in digital version from Monday to Friday. “We will expand our offering with an ambitious weekly magazine that will be delivered weekly to our subscribers’ mailboxes and to most of our current points of sale”said Mr. Delauw.

The title had launched in recent months steps to find investors on the territory or in France, but which did not succeed, despite the support of the Ministry of Finance.

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Prohibition of commercial canvassing from number 06 or 07

Sales canvassing platforms will no longer be able to call with numbers in 06 or 07. Depending on a decision by Arcepthey must use numbers beginning with 09, thus reserving the numbers 06 and 07 for interpersonal exchanges, i.e. between individuals. “Arcep’s objective is to better protect users against abuse and fraud, with the creation of this new category of numbers in 09, the commercial nature of which can thus be clearly identified. The authority also wants to avoid the exhaustion of ten-digit mobile phone numbers starting with 06 or 07”it was explained.

The numbers starting with 09 of commercial brands will however allow SMS to be sent to customers, in particular in the case of parcel delivery, signaling the arrival of a VTC driver or even an appointment reminder, details the French administration website.

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The change of surname by decree becomes free

Until then, the request for publication prior to the change of surname by decree at the Official newspaper, for reasons other than marriage or the choice of the name of another of his parents, cost 110 euros. Called “surname change procedure by decree for legitimate reason”, this mandatory formality is now free. However, it will always be necessary to prove the legitimacy of the request – “a difficult name to bear because perceived as ridiculous or pejorative, a name carrying a bad reputation in the media…” –, specify the site public service.

Prior to the request to the Ministry of Justice, the request for change must be made publicly through an online platform, by email or by post.

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Red stamp, cold calling…, five things that change (also) on January 1, 2023

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