RED by SFR knocks everyone out with its 80 GB mobile plan at 13 euros

This is the perfect time to change mobile operator. For a few more days, RED by SFR shrivels up the prices of its packages. Take advantage before it’s too late!

Sacred king of low prices for many gigas, RED by SFR is an essential mobile operator. Today, he is determined to allow you to make huge savings on your mobile bill. Until Monday, all its mobile plans are at low prices. Our favourite? The 80 GB package at 13 euros per month. The latter has an excellent gigas/price ratio. But to benefit from it, you will have to be reactive…

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Fill up on gigas with the 80 GB package at 13 euros from RED by SFR

This week, RED by SFR presents one of the best deals on the market with an indecent gigas/price ratio. For 13 euros per month, you benefit from 80 GB of mobile data in France, including 12 GB usable from the European Union and the overseas departments, as well as unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. It’s a golden offer and it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

As many gigas should satisfy the majority of consumers. This well-stocked gigabyte envelope will allow you to watch your series in public transport, to make video calls to your loved ones, to stroll on social networks or to listen to music on a loop. without limiting you.

Even better, this RED by SFR mobile plan is without engagement. Like the other packages of the operator elsewhere. You are therefore free to terminate your contract at the slightest annoyance and leave the operator. But RED by SFR puts the small dishes in the big ones and multiplies the arguments to make you stay.

Sacrificed prices for all RED by SFR plans

We don’t have the same needs, budgets and priorities and RED by SFR understands that. This is the reason why the operator offers low prices on all its mobile plans until Monday evening. In this way, everyone should find their account. Thus, we strongly advise you to take advantage of these attractive and ephemeral offers as soon as possible.

Are you hungry for mobile data? It does not matter, the RED by SFR 120 GB package at 15 euros per month should suit you. It includes 120 GB of internet in France, of which 15 GB can be used from Europe and the overseas departments. Calls, SMS and MMS are always unlimited. With so many gigas, you are sure not to run out, even if you use connection sharing intensively or regularly download heavy videos. If you want to be really calm, the RED by SFR 200 GB package at 19 euros per month should satisfy you.

If you have a tighter budget, you are less connected or you simply do not want to put too much money in your mobile plan, the RED by SFR 5 GB package at 5 euros per month is ideal. With 5 GB of mobile data, 6 GB of which can be used abroad, and still unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, it’s a real bargain. The price of this package is reasonable without giving up on an honest gigabyte envelope.

As for those looking for speed, note that 5G is available at RED by SFR for an additional 5 euros on your monthly mobile bill. Are you a globetrotter? You will appreciate being able to enjoy 20 GB of internet from the EU, the DOMs, the United States and Canada for 5 euros more per month.

See the RED by SFR packages

RED by SFR: a quality network at your height

Since RED by SFR offers non-binding packages, the operator must take care of the quality of its network at the risk of seeing its customers fly away. So you are sure that the speed and coverage of the RED by SFR network are impeccable.

RED by SFR packages are sold exclusively online. Thereby, a few clicks are enough to subscribe to the best offer of the moment. Note that you can easily manage your consumption from the customer area or the RED & Me application.

Finally, you are not required to change your telephone number if you change operator. Indeed, you can keep your current number free by retrieving your RIO number at 3179 and communicating it when you subscribe. RED by SFR then takes care of terminating your old contract no additional cost. You will only have to pay 10 euros for your new SIM card. And then that’s all.

To take advantage of the magic offers of RED by SFR before Monday evening, it’s here:

See the RED by SFR packages

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RED by SFR knocks everyone out with its 80 GB mobile plan at 13 euros

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