Quick start of the Vivo X80 Pro smartphone: A mobile for true photo and video enthusiasts

Vivo’s new X80 Pro smartphone has just been made official. Positioned as a top-of-the-range model, it shows all the features with one of the most advanced technical sheets including a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, a very large AMOLED screen, an ultrasonic fingerprint reader, fast charging and a photo part co-developed with Zeiss optimized by dedicated image processing operated by the Vivo V1+ chip. We were able to try it for a short time and here are our first impressions.

Vivo X80 Pro

the smartphone Vivo X80 Pro is a great cell phone. More or less, it offers the same dimensions as the Oppo Find X5 Pro. It is also not far from having the same weight, which means that they are well above the average of other mobiles on the market, weighing 219 grams on the scale. In pocket, as much to say that it does not go unnoticed. Another reason not to miss it is in terms of its design and more particularly the part that contains the photo sensors on the back. Indeed, the block at the back occupies almost the entire width of the device with, in height, about a small third of the filled surface. It is enormous !

Vivo X80 Pro details 1

The plate is covered in glass, protruding about a millimeter from the rest of the back. There is a circle of about 3.5 cm in diameter which contains 3 sensors while the periscopic lens is offset, like the flash positioned next to it. the Zeiss partner logo is present. The rest of the back is extremely pleasant to the touch with a slightly shiny coating that leaves absolutely no fingerprints. It is a ceramic plate, like on the Oppo Find X5 Pro. The Vivo X80 Pro is only marketed in black.
On the upper profile, the tone is given since it bears the mention “Professional photography”. Difficult to do otherwise with such a back.

Vivo X80 pro details

An ultrasonic fingerprint reader, this opens up new perspectives

Before seeing the photo part, let’s look at one of the novelties of this model which has an ultrasonic fingerprint reader under the screen. This technology makes it possible to have a wider location than for conventional sensors. It has the huge advantage of only having to put your finger down once to register it rather than 20 taps for other types of sensor. We can tell ourselves that this is not enough and yet, after a few moments spent trying to take it by default, this has never been the case. Even better, for people who want to be reassured, note that it is possible to configure two-fingerprint authentication. It is then necessary to register two fingers to (un)lock the device. With a large reading area, the manufacturer offers a very practical function. It is thus possible to configure two applications that can be opened instantly by placing your finger on the corresponding icon on the standby screen. Thus, one can set any application to open instantly. This takes up a bit the principle of sliding the finger which, after being recognized by a conventional reader, makes it possible to launch one of the 5 applications offered on the standby screen. A quick launch feature found on some high-end mobiles like the realme GT 2 Pro or the Oppo Find X5 Pro, for example.

Vivo X80 Pro details

Vivo X80 Pro details 5

Photos and video, the X80 Pro does not do half measures

If the interface of the Camera application is quite classic, do not be mistaken. Indeed, it contains a very impressive number of features that should delight photo lovers but also video enthusiasts. Let us recall the co-development with Zeiss. Thanks to this partnership, the smartphone benefits from lenses equipped with a Zeiss T* coating, which notably makes it possible to avoid the effects of reflection artifacts. In addition, we can also count on image processing thanks to algorithms aimed at optimizing the colors so that they correspond to reality and not necessarily to overly flattering shades that can be used on other smartphones. The mobile is very well equipped since it has a main 50 megapixel sensor opening at f / 1.57 with optical stabilization associated with another 48 megapixel sensor for ultra wide angle photos. There’s also a 12-megapixel telephoto lens capable of 2x optical zoom and an 8-megapixel periscope with 5x optical zoom is also onboard. The first photos we were able to take simply blew us away with the quality. Night mode provides extremely clear and detailed results. Several Zeiss filters are available to bring a particular tint to the photos.

Vivo X80 Pro details 4

Vivo X80 Pro details

The video part is not to be outdone with a Cinema mode which allows filming in 21/9 mode with an extremely efficient autofocus. We also appreciate the integrated optical stabilizer to limit shake and, even better, as on the Iqoo Pro 8, the X80 Pro is equipped with the amazing 360 degree video stabilization function. After activating the option in the settings, start shooting straight then rotate the mobile 360 ​​degrees while keeping the subject in the frame. Stop recording and look at what you have filmed: the subject remains perfectly straight, it’s really impressive! The only constraint of this function is the limitation of the definition to Full HD at 30 frames per second. Everything is managed by the dedicated Vivo V1+ chip. As mentioned above, the X80 Pro offers a large number of photo and video functions that we need to use for a while before giving you an objective opinion.

A very large display area

The screen of Vivo X80 Pro is extra large measuring 6.78 inches diagonally leaning on a AMOLED panel. It is slightly curved on the two lateral sides and has a very slight chromatic drift with a white that tends to blue when looking at the display surface perfectly in front. This disappears when the device is slightly rotated. The screen is pierced at the top, in the center to make room for the 32 megapixel front photo sensor. It can go up to an adaptive refresh rate of 120 Hz and offer a definition of 1440×3200 pixels, like the best screens on the board.

Vivo X80 Pro details

Vivo X80 Pro details 2

So here are our first impressions of the Vivo X80 Pro which promises a lot. We will have the opportunity to test it completely and soon, to offer you a more complete test.

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Quick start of the Vivo X80 Pro smartphone: A mobile for true photo and video enthusiasts

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