PureVPN’s VPN has never been so affordable as it is at the end of the year

Christmas is coming and it’s time for bargains. Until January 4, PureVPN is dropping the price of its subscriptions. For the price of a loaf of bread per month, you can strengthen the confidentiality of your data and access the US catalog of your favorite streaming platforms.

In a few days, many people will have the chance to discover a smartphone or a PC under the tree. To benefit from a high level of security and privacy on these new devices, VPNs (Virtual Private Network) constitute a simple and effective solution, complementary to the protections already integrated.

As Christmas approaches, one of the major players in the sector, PureVPNoffers attractive discounts of up to 89% on certain formulas. The 5-year subscription is exceptionally at 1.05 euro per month instead of 10.55 euros, i.e. a total amount of 62.95 euros over the entire period with the Frandroid10 promo code.

PureVPN therefore displays one of the most competitive offers on the market. We explain to you why it is interesting to subscribe to it.

A VPN to be located in the country of your choice

One of the main advantages of a VPN is to allow the user to choose in which country his connection is identified. Concretely, PureVPN hides your IP address and redirects the connection to a secure server located abroad. The brand has nearly 6,500, located in 78 different countries and spread over all continents.

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Source: PureVPN.

In this way, by connecting from the PureVPN application to one of the servers located in the United States, for example, you are automatically identified by applications and websites as an American Internet user. You can then take advantage of the entire US catalog of Netflix, HULU or even HBO Max and discover before the hour some series still reserved for Americans.

However, depending on the sites concerned, it is sometimes preferable to remain located in France. This is particularly the case when you want to know about local news or upcoming activities in your department. You can then disable PureVPN on the apps and sites of your choice.

The company promises as a bonus not to record any data logs, and therefore no browsing history. And as the connection is encrypted, in theory no one can intercept your data and trace your activities on the internet.

A VPN suitable for all devices

The other major advantage of PureVPN is its wide compatibility with our connected devices. PureVPN is available as an application, which you can install on your PC (macOS or Windows), smartphone (iOS or Android), but also the main web browsers, TV sticks, as well as Xbox game consoles and Playstation. PureVPN can also be installed simultaneously on 10 different devices, enough to protect all of its equipment.

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PureVPN is compatible with any type of device. // Source: PureVPN

The application is also full of features to ensure the security of your data on the internet. For example, if the connection to the server of PureVPN is momentarily broken, the navigation is automatically blocked so that it never has to expose its data without its knowledge. It’s called the kill switch.

PureVPN also promises to limit slowdowns and can support speeds of up to 20 Gbps, if your fiber connection allows it. Something to reassure gamers who want to play with their VPN activated.

PureVPN: 89% off with our promo code

Easy to use and complete, the PureVPN solution is currently at a reduced price. Until January 4, 2023, the 5-year plan is only 1.05 euros per month with the Frandroid10 promo codeinstead of 10.55 euros.

PureVPNs VPN has never been so affordable as it is

PureVPN is also offering a nice 84% discount on its two-year plan. This is currently displayed at 1.66 euros per month, with 3 additional months offered. So now is the perfect time to experience all the benefits of a VPN without breaking the bank.

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PureVPN’s VPN has never been so affordable as it is at the end of the year

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