the mobile application dedicated to financial information, useful for entrepreneurs is an application for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and MacOS for entrepreneurs and business leaders: “The idea for this application came to us while managing an e-commerce store: I found all these accounting calculations terribly tedious”recalls Patrice Khal, co-founder of “I dreamed of having the answers to my questions in two clicks, as soon as I needed them, on my Smartphone: how much do I earn on this product? What discount can I apply without reducing my margins too much? What is my discounted margin rate? These questions generally require a critical and expert look. Since I couldn’t find anything convincing on the App store, I said to myself that we had to fill this gap”.

Financial information accessible at all times

To get the answers to everyday financial questions, the ProCalc application provides a calculator divided into three axes: margin rate, break-even point and commissions. Its objective is to speed up decision-making by benefiting from clear and detailed information. The application makes it easy to analyze selling prices, negotiations for purchase prices, the margins to apply, the break-even point as well as the impact of payment platform commissions on profits. It is therefore an accessible alternative for entrepreneurs who do not have a chartered accountant.

“ProCalc does not seek to reinvent the wheel and offer hundreds of different calculations: its objective is to make obtaining the results as easy as possible”says Patrice Khal. “So, for the margin rate calculator, whatever 2 data you enter, everything is calculated automatically. For the calculation of the break-even point, the fixed costs are grouped together and saved on your device. Schemes are available for sales commissions and shipping costs (Stripe, PayPal, PayPlug, etc.). It’s a simple application and it must remain so to remain instinctive”.

A redesigned tool for greater efficiency

The application, formerly called “Pro Calculations – Your Business Assistant”, is available on App Store since May 2011. It has recently undergone a graphic overhaul and a name change to provide more functionality. It is now compatible with iOS 16, and is available in French, English and Spanish.

The application is available for the price of €2.99. This model allows not to put advertising, subscription or in-app purchase within the application. It therefore does not, by extension, need to collect personal data when using it. wishes to continue to democratize the obtaining of financial data and other KPIs, essential for the good management of the activity. “A lot of small businesses proudly display their turnover. This makes apprentice entrepreneurs dream”says Patrice Khal, co-founder of “We see a lot, especially in the field of e-commerce, of videos that show enticing numbers: ‘From zero euros to 1 million euros in one year!’, ‘6 million euros in turnover at 23 year !”. Behind it, there are sometimes barely profitable businesses, with enormous advertising budgets and ridiculous margins between the purchase costs and the selling price. Revenue alone is absolutely not a dream metric”.

Since this version 4.0, is regularly in the Top 5 of its category. If the startup is aiming for internationalization in the years to come, it also wants to implement additional features such as the inclusion of packaging and shipping costs charged by the supplier, calculated according to the number of products per package. The configuration of the sector of activity in order to know if the margin rate is correct compared to the average of the sector is also under study.

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