Prixtel review: everything you need to know about this mobile plan operator

Do you want to change telephone operator? You plan to switch your line to the operator Pricetel ? Before you decide, you must find out about the packages and offers offered by the operator… But also the opinion of its customers! In terms of telephony and internet packages, customer reviews are indeed an excellent indicator for choosing the right operator. Reviews left by Prixtel customers are an essential source of information for evaluating the quality of the operator and its services.

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Prixtel, a mobile operator that will soon celebrate its 20th anniversary

Prixtel is a French MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) present on the market since 2004. As a virtual operator, Prixtel does not have its own network of antennas: it uses the network of the operator SFR (formerly Orange) for all of its packages. This allows Prixtel customers to benefit from the power of the SFR network at a lower cost! It is therefore not surprising that the operator has attracted more than 500,000 subscribers and has become a major MVNO in France. It even recorded growth of almost 70% in 2021 alone!

Prixtel indeed offers competitive mobile plans, with 3 levels of internet consumption within each package. So you only pay for what you really use, for a package at a very advantageous price. A very good point for customers who are mostly very satisfied with their operator. We explain to you in more detail what emerges from their opinions.

What are the opinions of consumers on Prixtel?

The customer reviews left on an operator’s site are the best way to know if it is reliable. However, at Prixtel, these customer reviews are rather attractive. Prixtel indeed displays on its site more than 82.7% of positive opinions, collected on nearly 4,000 opinions in total. When you know that most customers who leave reviews are unhappy customers, that’s a very good score!

Excellent value for money for Prixtel

Among customer reviews, what stands out most often is the quality/price ratio offered by the operator’s mobile plans. Benefiting from the SFR network, Prixtel offers its customers an excellent network, whether in terms of telephony or mobile Internet. However, it offers much cheaper packages than its partner SFR! Prixtel customers therefore greatly appreciate the fact of being able to benefit from an excellent network when they only pay for a flat rate at the advantageous price. This quality/price ratio is all the more popular with customers as the price of packages adjusts to their actual consumption.

Prixtel offers 3 mobile packages: The small, The large, The giant, but also some limited edition packages (such as the Oxygen offer). The 3 packages then define a level of internet data consumption: from 50 to 130GB, from 100 to 140GB and from 140 to 200GB, with internal levels for each offer.

Prixtel defines a minimum and maximum price for each of its packages and actually only charges the user for what has actually been consumed at the end of the month. The fact that Prixtel’s packages are adjustable is therefore one of the most highlighted strengths in customer reviews.

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Delivery of the sim card: positive opinions on the speed of Prixtel

Another point highlighted: customers seem satisfied with the rapid delivery of their SIM card and the easy commissioning of their line. For customers who wish to change to Prixtel without changing their telephone number, it is possible to request it in a few clicks. Prixtel then takes care of all the termination procedures with the former operator.

The responsiveness of online customer service: the best of the year 2022

Customers seem to appreciate the responsiveness of the customer service, which, it should be remembered, can only be reached via an online interface. However, Prixtel’s customer service is acclaimed for its speed and the solutions it provides. It was also voted best customer service of the year 2022 in the category “Mobile operators, telephony, Internet, TV” by Capital magazine!

Finally, on expert sites in customer reviews such as Ekomi, the operator is rated 4.6/5 on more than 60,000 online reviews. And on Googlesame order of magnitude since the Prixtel reviews show 4.4/5 out of nearly 7,000 reviews.

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Prixtel: what opinions on the forums?

To have reliable information, there is nothing like cross-checking the sources. Also, it may be interesting to look for opinions on other sites than the official Prixtel site to get a real opinion on this operator.

You can find Prixtel customer reviews on many sites and forums, such as UFC que Choisir. You should know that customers go to forums to ask questions or when they have problems, not just to leave opinions. However, these forums can be useful in identifying possible dysfunctions in a given company.

On the forums, open discussions about Prixtel mainly concern billing problems and customer service that cannot be reached by telephone. However, when you read the reviews in more detail, you quickly realize that the communications that were subject to additional billing were not included in the packages!

It should be remembered that French operators offer their customers the possibility of using their package in the European Union and in the overseas departments for 15 days a year. No more ! Similarly, it should be noted that the European Union does not mean the whole of Europe, and that certain destinations such as Switzerland or Andorra are therefore not always included in the offers and Prixtel applies the normal pricing in the European Union, at no extra cost!

Moreover, we can also note that Prixtel does not charge out of bundle in the event of exhaustion of mobile data: only the speed will be reduced beyond the bundle. Customers who have had billing problems are mostly people who have not fully understood roaming or who have been victims of fraudulent practices such as ping-calling.

Prixtel: update on positive or negative customer reviews

In conclusion, customer reviews on Prixtel are rather positive or negative? In terms of negative opinions, there are mainly opinions concerning network problems or overcharging. Regarding billing, we could see that this was rarely due to operator error. But this is also the case during network problems! As Prixtel does not own its network antennas, it unfortunately cannot intervene directly in the event of a breakdown.

On the positive side, customers highlight the very advantageous price of the packages, their modularity, as well as the quality of the network and customer service. Knowing that the vast majority of customer reviews are positive, we can say that Prixtel is a good operator! Especially since it offers ecological, flexible packages that reduce the telephone bill!

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With all this information on the opinions of users of the Prixtel operator, you will be able to choose your future package at the best price and without being afraid of the quality of the network.

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Prixtel review: everything you need to know about this mobile plan operator

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