​Privacy Day: How do you protect your personal data on your smartphone?

Next Saturday January 28 will be the 16th edition of the European Data Protection Day, or “Data Privacy Day”. At the initiative of the Council of Europe, this day aims to raise public awareness of the right to data protection. Unfortunately, many of us still often have the reflex to protect their data on their computer but too rarely those of their mobile devices. These devices now contain just as much sensitive data, if not more.

Here are some tips to help you quickly secure your phone and protect all your data:

1. Set a strong password or PIN. The first step to access a mobile is the insertion of the password. Create a strong password (never “0000” or “1234”) and enable automatic screen lock.

2. Be smart about public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi networks are not protected. If you must use public Wi-Fi, it is recommended that you limit social media use and avoid emailing or shopping online unless the website is encrypted.

3. Do not click on suspicious links in emails or on websites. If your bank, for example, sends you an email asking you to update your password, and you are not sure if the email is really from your bank, do not click on any link in the email. . Instead, go to your mobile browser and go to the bank’s website.

4. Be wary of apps. Before downloading an app, take the time to check the app’s ratings, reviews, and privacy or permissions statements. And above all, stick to official app stores like the Apple App Store and Google Play.

5. Update your terminal and your applications: The most effective mobile attacks always go through the exploitation of a software or hardware vulnerability. Check very regularly that the latest version of the operating system is installed on your terminal and that your applications are all up to date. You can also uninstall the applications that you no longer use in order to limit the risks, you will also gain additional storage space on your terminal.

6. Do not jailbreak your device unless you actually know what you are doing. Because jailbroken devices are by definition less secure, they are more vulnerable to attack when security safeguards are not properly enabled.

European Data Protection Day is a good opportunity to take stock of the protection of your smartphone and your data. But unfortunately, doing this daily vigilance does not exclude the possibility of hacking. Nothing beats a security solution for protecting your data.

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​Privacy Day: How do you protect your personal data on your smartphone?

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