Pfff… 2023 and the Internet is still rowing? Our 5 solutions to get out of it.

It’s the same every night: once the kids are home, the Internet is slow. It bugs, the screen freezes, or becomes pixelated. Between the big one who revises online, the little one and his cartoons, and your spouse who is finishing his videoconference with his colleagues, there is no way to watch TV quietly while preparing dinner. What’s more archaic and unacceptable in 2023: is it still you in the kitchen tonight, or is the internet still lagging? When writing Ariase, we don’t cook, but we promise, we will at least help you improve your connection! Here are 5 sources of major disturbances of your speed, and solutions to solve them.

1st reflex: the flow at the entrance to the accommodation

Of course, our investigation starts at the entry point of your home Internet line: start with do a speed test, or even several, at different times of the day, to compare your actual speed with that promised in your subscription. For the occasion, take out your Ethernet cable and connect your computer to the box (Wi-Fi quality will be reviewed later).

You now know your bandwidth. It is considered insufficient or slow if:

  • you surf the web with a speed less than 2 Mb/s,
  • you watch television from your box with a speed less than 4 Mb/s,
  • you are watching a film in HD from your box with a speed less than 6 Mb/s.

Second step : if you are still connected by ADSL, by cable, or by 4G, it is undoubtedly the moment to check your eligibility for fiber, to access phenomenal speeds which are measured in gigabytes! Indeed, 33 million dwellings are now eligible, and the deployment continues at full speed, especially in less dense areas. Start by checking if the fiber has arrived in your municipalitythen to your accommodation:

Test your address or landline number to find out if you are eligible for fiber

Check my address

THE sensitive point: the Wi-Fi connection

Your speed at the line input and good, it is now time to take an interest in its wireless distribution within the house: this is often the crux of the problem. A study carried out by Opinionway in March 2022 reveals that 2 out of 3 French people think their Wi-Fi could be better.

1st problem very common, but simple to solve: the positioning of your box. Prefer one Central place in your accommodation, a little high up, without obstacles or large walls if possible. Also note that Wi-Fi doesn’t like water, so if you’ve hidden the box behind your aquarium… We wrote a special file on the different ways to test and improve your Wi-Fibut be aware that Bouygues Telecom and Orange subscribers can take advantage ofa “free Wi-Fi diagnostic” : a technician from the operator will advise you step by step to help you place the modem in the most efficient place in your home, and can guide you on one or even two repeatersdepending on the size and layout of your home.

2nd verification : Haven’t you had a subscription for a few years, or a discount plan, or a low-cost operator? In this case, there is a good chance that your modem is equipped on Wi-Fi 4. This technology is starting to date, and it is becoming very easy to find boxes in Wi-Fi 5, and even in Wi-Fi 6 for Premium subscriptions: with 2 to 3 wide frequency bands to distribute the flow, and the Smart Wi-Fi to juggle between the 3 as well as possible, no wonder the bandwidth is coming intact to all your connected devices, even simultaneously. The latest Wi-Fi 6E standard even promises speeds up to 10.5 Gbps : it’s more than the fastest fiber speed, displayed at 8 Gb / s!

3rd verification : You are in town ? In an apartment? Wouldn’t you have unscrupulous neighbors who take advantage of your line? It is always a good idea to protect and secure your accesses: remember to install a WEP security keyit only takes a few minutes.

Uses, tips and sobriety

No fiber in sight, you’re at the end of the ADSL line: there’s no need to invest in the latest generation Wi-Fi. You will have to be cunning, and think about distributing your bandwidth as well as possible. Here are some tips:

  1. Download your movies rather than online streamers: to be programmed at night, like the washing machine, with your updates;
  2. Return to DTT for TV : 27 channels Herziennes are available with, remember, a tuner in the TV, or a TNT decoder;
  3. Watch your videos and movies in low or medium definition rather than HD, or even worse, 4K;
  4. Increase the size of your 4G or 5G mobile planto a maximum of data at a lower costand use it to use at fateful hours when necessary.


Tip 1 : On your computer, smartphone or tablet, check the state of your RAM, caches not emptied, or applications and software running unnecessarily.

Tip 2 : With certain plans, traditional operators offer a Additional 4G box as “internet connection guarantee”. Included or optional, it often has associated free gigs. To be used as before with a large mobile plan, as a one-time supplement, when “it’s jamming”.

Change plan

Be honest: you haven’t checked in for a long time! But the good resolutions for 2023 are there, the sales too: it’s time to change operator. You now know what speed you can claim, and with what equipment: all that remains is to find the right operator, the right equipment, and above all the best package. To “update” you at a lower cost, we advise you to look at the Box + Mobile packs. Not only will your connection problems be finally resolvedbut you will often also benefit from privileged rates on the latest generation smartphones and smart-TVs, free mini-packages or discounted mobile plans, and included subscriptions to Netflix and many other services!

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Pfff… 2023 and the Internet is still rowing? Our 5 solutions to get out of it.

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