Orange review: price and comparison of the operator’s mobile plans

Orange is the incumbent French operator: established for decades on the territory, the firm notably marketed its low-cost Sosh offer and remains to this day the leader national mobile plans. But its subscriptions have nowadays become so numerous that it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate them: here is our new Orange opinion to find out whether you should subscribe to this supplier or not.

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Orange packages

Before starting our selection of the best Orange packages, you should know that they are all delivered with commitment : it is therefore more difficult to cancel if your opinion of the operator is negative following a bad experience in a few months of use. You can nevertheless find the freer alternatives of Sosh, less expensive and benefiting from the same antennas, at this address.

2h 100 MB package

Orange’s first package contains two hours of calls (blocked or not) in France and from the European Union, plus unlimited SMS and MMS in the same region. You only have to count 2.99 euros per month for a year to afford it, the amount to be paid increasing to 7.99 euros per month thereafter. But it is enough to also subscribe to an internet box at the same time to lower this price to less than one euro per day for twelve months then 4.99/month.

Our Orange opinion: the 2h 100 MB package is the most affordable all, but unfortunately it does not include enough data to satisfy everyone’s opinion.

2h 20 GB package

If 100 MB is not enough for you (and we understand you), know that you can always multiply this number to arrive at 20 GB of mobile data. This amount is starting to be sufficient for traditional use, but will not be suitable for regular streaming 2K video playback. The price of the Orange operator’s 2h 20 GB package is 13.99 euros per monthusers can set up three numbers to call for free and unlimited.

Our Orange opinion: the 2h 20 Go package will satisfy the opinion of inhabitants with little connection with its good value for money.

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10 GB plan

10 GB of mobile data: with this amount, video on demand becomes accessible. This Orange package also has unlimited calls, SMS and MMS so that you can continue to reach those around you on a daily basis. The only downside is the price, which in our opinion is too high: 21.99 euros per month then five euros more after a year. Not to mention that with this alternative, the twelve-month commitment still stands.

Our Orange opinion: to avoid because of a monthly payment too expensive compared to the proposed data. We will rather turn to La Poste Mobile, a more attractive MVNO for small purses.

80 GB plan

Jokes aside: if you need to stay connected, then you need to take it to the next level. This is what the Orange 80 GB package offers, which in our opinion is the better of our selection: it only costs fifteen euros per month for one year, even if its price increases to 29.99 euros per month after two semesters. Of course, calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited there, but you should also know that the data envelope can be used in Europe.

Our Orange opinion: the best solution for travel peace of mind on the old continent is Orange’s 7=80 GB plan.

Orange comparative opinion

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80 GB plan

Orange also offers a subscription with 80 GB of mobile internet, for €14.99 per month the first year and 29.99 euros thereafter.

Our Orange opinion: rather turn to the 140 GB (below), whose price/mobile data ratio is more attractive in the long term.

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140 GB 5G plan

Orange also offers a subscription with this time 140 GB of mobile data, unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as a bonus. The price is also interesting since it does not exceed eighteen euros monthly at the beginning. After twelve months, it will still cost 32.99 euros.

Our Orange opinion: the ideal package for anyone who surfs the net all day long is the 140 GB package.

150 GB and 220 GB 5G plan

For very large data consumers, Orange offers XXXL packages of 150 GB and 220 GB as a bonus. Two packages with 24-month commitment, the first is offered at €29.99 for the first 12 months and the second at €49.99 . For the following 12 months, the rate increases to €44.99 per month and €64.99 per month respectively.

Our Orange opinion: these two packages seem a bit “over the top” unless you mainly use your mobile data to connect to the internet.

Prepaid offers

Orange also offers prepaid SIM cards, which means that they are already topped up with an amount of data that can be manually increased later, but without automatic renewal each month. A very practical option, in our opinion, which does not require providing a RIB and above all does not require any commitment. Among these prepaid offers from Orange, we find in particular:

  • charging Mobicard holidays, with two hours of calls, unlimited SMS and MMS and three contacts in unlimited calls to exchange with loved ones in Europe and the overseas departments at 14.99 euros
  • the Mobicarte mini, which for €2.99 only offers unlimited calls from 9 p.m. to midnight without credit conditions and uses the 4G network
  • Orange Holiday: calls, SMS and MMS in Europe and internet at 4G speed for less than forty euros
  • of the refills individual from 5 to 100 euros in order to personalize the offer according to each need (data, messages, calls, etc.)
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Our Orange opinion: prepaid offers are the easiest way to make a present to a loved one without breaking the bank.

Network coverage

Even today, in our opinion, Orange is the first network in France and having tested it for several months we can only confirm this statement. If our opinion is so positive, it is indeed because more than 99% of the French territory is covered by at least one antenna of this operator, which means that except in some remote corners of France you can always communicate without hindrance. .

Our Orange opinion: no complaints about the network, as efficient on the 4G and 5G than for the rest.

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Several insurance offers

At a time when smartphones cost several hundred euros, often even exceeding a thousand, protect your device has become essential. Indeed, even with Gorilla Glass protection, an accident can happen so quickly. So rather than investing in a silicone case, which in our opinion won’t save you the amount of money needed to replace a screen larger than five inches, you can always opt for multi-risk coverage.

At Orange, security is paid for 14.99 euros per month only to cover a device whose value does not exceed 800 euros, with a ceiling per claim limited to the same amount. The advantage is that the service replaces your mobile in just 24 hours: thus, even professionals or isolated people are not at risk of being disconnected for too long.

Our Orange opinion: check that your insurance does not already cover this type of damage.


In addition to its mobile plans, Orange also acts as a store and allows you to buy a smart phone at the same time. This will result in a higher monthly subscription but the payment for the device will be spread over several months, which avoids a single purchase requiring a large sum. Our Orange opinion will focus particularly on the latest high-end models found, for example, at Samsung with the Galaxy S22+.

Samsung Galaxy S20

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To this is added the references ofApple, which have the best rate of satisfied reviews of all brands, such as the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. If the prices are too high, however, then refurbished phones are also available from Orange. Finally, side accessorieswe have the choice among connected watches, speakers with integrated voice assistant, wireless headphones with active noise reduction, Bluetooth headphones, universal wireless chargers, keyboards for iPad, the Apple Pencil stylus as well as shells leather for laptops.

Our Orange opinion: it is better to equip yourself directly from the manufacturers or on Amazon; the prices there are often much more attractive.

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What are the customer reviews?

Globally, the opinions on Orange are rather positive, which also confirms its status as the country’s leading operator. Truth be told, only reviews left on TrustPilot are negative, with a very poor overall rating of 1/5 from over 2,400 users. But as soon as we take a look at Orange’s mobile applications, we see, for example, a score of 4.4 stars out of 5 for Orange and me France on the App Store. Also available on Android (reviews are similar), it allows you to track your consumption in real time, subscribe to new options or even pay your bill from your mobile.

L’application Orange TV, for its part, is also available on iOS and on the Google Play Store and obtains an overall opinion of 4.1/5. This service allows you to watch dozens of terrestrial channels for free but also offers paid packages. For the other applications (Orange Bank, Orange Pro, Orange Cineday, My Livebox, Voicemail, Orange Radio, etc.) the opinions are of the same ilk with most of the time more than 4/5 there too.

Orange TV app review

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Conclusion: our opinion on Orange packages

With several million paying customers in France, in our opinion Orange is the best operator of the country, whether in terms of 4G coverage, reviews received or number of subscribers. Its packages are particularly optimized for international use, and the multitude of available options allows you to customize your package as much as possible to suit all user profiles.

One of the key points that tilt our Orange review from the side positiveit is also the multitude of additional services offered by the operator: live and delayed television, Livebox for Wi-Fi at home and landline telephone, insurance, bank, e-mail, cloud, professional space, etc.

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Despite everything, our Orange opinion has some reservations on the side of the customer service, which like the majority of other competitors in the sector receives a lot of negative opinions: the proof with the many termination bonuses offered here and there. Moreover, some may also criticize the distribution of shares in the company, where we find a majority of institutional players and the French state. However, it is also a guarantee of seriousness and long-term confidence: if there is only one to remain among all telecoms, it will be Orange.

In short, Orange’s mobile plans of 10 GB or more will therefore convince the opinions of youth connected, in town or in the countryside, while other generations will bet more on less provided packages or the live box.



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Orange review: price and comparison of the operator’s mobile plans

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