No more mistakes, thanks to Mistress Adeline and her tips on social networks

Mistress Adeline, school teacher in the Bouches-du-Rhône, is followed by more than 3 million subscribers. She delivers her tips and tricks for overcoming the complexity of the French language. how to learn while having fun, on Tik Tok. An article first published on 02/09/2022.

With her colorful markers and her beautiful neat handwriting, Adeline Dupuy gently and pedagogically explains the rules of spelling.

Should I say one or an oasis?“, question asked on Instagram by the one who calls herself Maitresse Adeline on social networks. The post has garnered more than 13,000 likes in a few days and a hundred comments.

On social networks, Maitresse Adeline has built up a beautiful community eager to learn the rules of French. She now has more than 3 million subscribers.

It all started during the first confinement, in the spring of 2020, on TikTok. The teacher makes short videos to talk about her job.

Our profession is quite devalued, there are a lot of clichés and people think it’s easy when it’s not. I wanted to tell them about my daily life“, says Mistress Adeline.

But everything changes for her when she decides to post a video on a spelling rule for the first time.

It was a real buzz, I didn’t expect it, it was liked a lot and I received a lot of questions behind on the spelling of words“.

She then decides to continue and makes small educational videos, stories and quizzes very frequently. She now devotes four hours a week to shooting her videos and maintaining the link with her community.

Since this summer, she has even created a Youtube channel where she plans to do live dictations.

The book “Fini les faults” (Marabout) released on September 7 is the logical continuation of this craze for spelling that Maitresse Adeline was able to arouse.

The 200-page book comes back to frequent spelling mistakes. It is structured in three chapters: conjugation, spelling and vocabulary. “I wanted to combine in this book the important rules that are used on a daily basis to write emails, SMS, internship reports, CVs, etc. “.

Designed to suit young and old alike, practical sheets alternate with comprehension exercises.

“Finishes les faults” also allows him to keep a lasting trace, ” because on social networks, everything can stop overnight. And it’s easier to find the rules “, explains the teacher.

If she is so popular on social networks, it is because the almost thirty-year-old has long cram the rules of French in her youth and to become a school teacher.

Diagnosed with dyslexia late in life, she finds her own ways to learn spelling. By dint of colors and imagination, she manages to tame the French language by making cards with her own style to better memorize.

I will continue to help people and make videos as long as people are interested. I wish I had support like that when I was younger, I would have had less difficulty in writing“.

A family calling

For the fourth year as a full professor in the Bouches-du-Rhône, at 26, Adeline returned to school this Thursday, September 1.

A profession of the heart“As she likes to repeat, that she practices with passion like her mother and grandmother before her. The BAFA revealed her vocation to work with young children.

One of his greatest satisfactions? “When one of my students looks at me and says to me: I understood mistress!

For the rest, Adeline Dupuy imagines releasing a second volume, a vacation notebook and even dictations. ” Finally, I help the little ones at school and the adults on social networks” she said, laughing.

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No more mistakes, thanks to Mistress Adeline and her tips on social networks

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